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Skeptical parents now Raghav Juyal’s biggest fans
By Aastha | Thu, 23 -Feb, 2012

DID’s Crockroaz brings glory to Doon

Dehradun, 22 Feb: Raghav Juyal alias ‘Crockroaz’, the dancing maestro from Doon, has made it to the top thirteen in the TV reality show ‘Dance India Dance’.
He is being appreciated by the audience all over the country and has connected Dehradun to dancing fame like never before.
Garhwal Post had a brief interaction, today, with his parents, Deepak and Alka Juyal, who narrated the journey of their son to his present popularity.
Alka, who is a teacher at St Joseph's Academy, on being asked about how young Raghav was when he started dancing, remarks, “I think he was born dancing or maybe even danced in my womb.”
Raghav has never taken any professional training for dance, but has picked it up from watching performances on internet and television. He started winning laurels as a dancer right from his days in Doon International School. Later, he joined DAV (PG) College to pursue his BCom.
His parents credit their son’s success to his grandfather, Prof AS Sharma, who believed in him immensely. “Raghav used to dance almost all the time. Everybody in my family wanted him to choose a mainstream career, but I knew he would make it big as a dancer. As a child, he was average in studies, but did well in extracurricular activities. The best thing about him is that he loves the poor and is very empathetic,” shared the fond granddad.
Without any hesitation, his mother admits to not having believed in dance as a career. “My husband and I never supported him in this. It was only when he emerged as a semi-finalist in
‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom’, last year, that I realised he was actually a great dancer. We were always more interested in him doing well at studies,” added Alka.
Raghav’s friends share that he was also a celebrated footballer in school and had won many matches for the school team.
Raghav owes a lot to his younger brother, Yashasvi, who is a class ten student in St Joseph's Academy. Yashasvi, who himself is a promising dancer, looks up to his brother as his role model. Though, he laments, how no one believes Raghav to be his brother.
Raghav’s lawyer father, like any other Indian dad, wanted his son to choose a normal career though he laughingly states that he had given up on his son since he showed no inclination towards studies. “I did not expect anything out of him. As a child, he never practiced in front of me. Even if he was practicing till late at night, he would quickly turn off the music and pretend to sleep the minute he saw me or knew I was back from work,” states Deepak.
Raghav, who loves taking challenges, refused to give his Dance India Dance auditions in Doon and, instead, went to Delhi in order to face healthy and fair competition. Now, he has been out of home for four months and is missed by his family. “We miss him, but now we do not want him to return home before the show ends,” says Alka Juyal.
Raghav is believed to have practiced hard to make it to the top 13 in Dance India Dance. “He used to start practicing at seven in the evening and would practice till five in the morning. It was his form of Riyaz. As a mother, I only ensured that he ate healthy and at times used to get angry at seeing him devote so much of time to dance. Now all feels worth it,” remembers Alka.
There is a side to Raghav that only few know. He would always accompany his friends to KFC, McDonald’s, etc., but would always stay out to spend time with the street kids. He would love to teach them dance steps and would always follow up to check if they had practiced that step. He would often give gifts, clothes and chocolates to children who passed in their practice sessions.
Raghav was lately offered a 3D Movie on dance by Remo. Since, he had to chose between DID and the movie, he chose the former which has been his passion.
The scene at Raghav’s home, too, is rather interesting. While his brother needs to study for his boards and requires complete attention, the television in his house is always on to either see him perform, have an extra look at him at re-telecasts or to hear about him in news. If the parents do not watch television, it’s unfair to Raghav and if they do, it hampers their younger son’s studies. Well, a dilemma worth having!

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