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RIMC wins Hugh Catchpole Inter-School English Debates; SJA gets trophy
By Our Staff Reporter | Fri, 20 -Apr, 2012

Dehradun, 19 Apr.: A total of 17 schools participated in the RIMC All India Hugh Catchpole Inter-School English Debates. The debates were held in parliamentary format, wherein each team comprised of four members, three speakers and one reserve speaker. The schools spoke ‘For’ and ‘Against’ the motion as per the draw of lots.
The participating schools were St Joseph’s Academy, The Doon School, Welham Boys’ School, Welham Girls’ School, Hopetown Girls’ School, Unison World School, Convent of Jesus and Mary’s, all from Dehradun, Wynberg Allen School and Mussoorie International School from Mussoorie, La Martiniere Boys College and La Martiniere Girls College from Lucknow, The Scindia School, Gwalior, Assam Valley School, Asom, Vasant Valley School, New Delhi, Sanskar Valley School, Bhopal, Yadvindra Public School, Patiala, and RIMC (Team A and B).
RIMC-A came first with 589 points, followed by St Joseph’s Academy with 553 points. Wynberg Allen School got 531 points and La Martiniere Boys’ College, Lucknow was fourth with 518 points. As the host team does not contest for the trophy, it was presented to St Joseph’s Academy.
The topic for the finals was: ‘In the world of 24 x 7 television viewing and internet, newspapers are a waste of time.’
The judges for the debate were Brig S Dangwal (Retd), Sangeeta Gairola, Sonia Sidhwani, Annie Singh and Verender Kalra.
The Chief Guest was Anuradha Dalmia, Director, NIVH.
Earlier, the results of the Quarter Finals were: SJA beat WGS, LMBC beat Hopetown, UWS beat MIS, WAS beat YPS, Scindia School beat The Doon School, AVS beat WBS, RIMC-A beat SVS, VVS beat RIMC-B, LMGC beat CJM.
In the semi-finals, SJA beat VVS, LMBC beat The Scindia School, RIMC-A beat UWS, WAS beat LMGC and AVS beat WGS.
The top four scoring teams, St Joseph’s Academy, La Martiniere Boys College, Lucknow, Wynberg Allen School Mussorie and RIMC-A qualified for the finals.
The individual awards in the Quarter Finals went to Bhuvanya Vijay, SJA, for Best Speaker, while the 2nd Best Speaker was Jahnavi Shrivastava, SJA.
The Best Speaker in the Semifinals was Cadet Rishav Raj, RIMC, while the second best were Vandana Khanna (VVS) and Jahnavi Shrivastava (SJA), jointly.
The Best Speaker (Proposition) in the finals was Bhuvanya Vijay, SJA, while the Best Speaker(Opposition) was Cadet Kumar Vikram, RIMC.
In her address on the occasion, the Chief Guest said that she was very happy to see the outstanding performance of the teams in the debates. She was pleased to note that the future of our country was in the hands of bright students. She enlightened the audience about the importance of debating on various international forums such as the United Nations. The vote of thanks was proposed by RIMC Principal Colonel Pankaj Kumaria.
The debate was organised by Ruchi Datta (Overall Coordinator), R Malhotra, R Chamola and CS Vishwakarma, Dean of Cultural Activities.

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