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Kejriwal effect
Thu, 13 -Feb, 2014

The BJP’s BC Khanduri almost pulled off a victory by introducing last minute ‘pro-people’ legislation during the assembly elections. This included a Kejriwal inspired Lokayukta Act. ...

Greater transparency
Tue, 11 -Feb, 2014

If the people are not convinced, what better way than to dump large amounts of information on them that they find hard to process? Just the size of the data on what the government is going to do, with...

PR disaster
Mon, 10 -Feb, 2014

From the public relations point of view, Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s ‘press conference’ in Doon on Sunday was little short of a disaster. Having invited the media at a given time, ...

Taking it personally
Sat, 08 -Feb, 2014

We are taught mathematics and physics of quite an advanced level in schools. It is often questioned how this would prove to be useful in real life, except for people who go on to work in certain speci...

Feeble tokenism
Sat, 08 -Feb, 2014

Nothing can be more hypocritical than the Samajwadi Party demanding passage of the Prevention of Communal & Targeted Violence Bill in Parliament. Pilloried by all and sundry on its handling of the...

Weak enforcement
Fri, 07 -Feb, 2014

Street confrontations with the police have become commonplace in Uttarakhand. Every goon and his cousin are willing to challenge the police with the backing of some politician or a dozen supporters. B...

Sugar & Salt
Tue, 04 -Feb, 2014

Inflation is like high blood pressure and diabetes acting detrimentally on the nation’s health! It is caused by a set of ‘unhealthy’ habits that impact on every organ of the economy....

Any difference?
Mon, 03 -Feb, 2014

Dehradun has had the good fortune for some time of having a proactive and largely responsive SSP, even if not all of his experiments were successful. Among the first acts of the new dispensation in th...

Ever opaque
Sat, 01 -Feb, 2014

Nobody knew by what process Vijay Bahuguna was made Chief Minister of Uttarakhand by the Congress party. By what process he had been removed remains just as opaque. It is interesting that the party ex...

Park Police
Fri, 31 -Jan, 2014

It is like living in an illusion, with the matrix collapsing and plunging one into a world where there is no constant, nothing to depend on or trust. In the ‘normal’ world, going to the pu...

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