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Congress Meltdown
Wed, 14 -Mar, 2012

Just a month ago, it was inconceivable that a minor satrap from a small state like Uttarakhand could dare to challenge the writ of Sonia Gandhi in the Congress party. However, the large scale disillus...

Curb over-loading
Mon, 12 -Mar, 2012

Over–loading by commercial vehicles on the National Highways is a pernicious practice that is known to contribute to a variety of ill-effects such as increased fuel consumption and poor engine e...

Hang together!
Wed, 07 -Mar, 2012

It would have been a cakewalk for the Congress in Uttarakhand had it not been for the Anna Factor. Although, there was no evident or entrenched anti-incumbency, it was a given that, in the natural cou...

Mon, 05 -Mar, 2012

Even as the Union Government continues to push through with reforms in the cooperative sector – as evident by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture recently inviting suggestions, v...

Permutations & Combinations
Fri, 02 -Mar, 2012

Although a month has passed since polling took place     in Uttarakhand for the state assembly, nobody has a clue to what kind of a verdict will have been delivered by the electorate. T...

Landless colleges
Thu, 01 -Mar, 2012

The news from New Tehri that the Government Post Graduate College does not have any land or building that it can call its own has not come as a surprise to most residents of Uttarakhand, who are well ...

Comeuppance soon?
Wed, 29 -Feb, 2012

Giant killer Mamata Banerjee managed to uproot the entrenched Left from Bengal, but has been in the news for all the wrong reasons since then. This is a good example of how brilliant tactical generals...

Seeking Red Carpets
Tue, 28 -Feb, 2012

There was both an Indian and a Pakistani presence at the 84th Academy Awards, but in different ways. Anil Ambani’s joint venture with the legendary Steven Spielberg, ‘DreamWorks Studios&rs...

Even more unacceptable
Mon, 27 -Feb, 2012

The response of the establishment to the recurrent and preventable road mishaps in the hills is the stock letters of condolence issued from the Raj Bhawan and the Chief Minister’s office, the or...

Strange decision
Fri, 24 -Feb, 2012

The decriminalisation of homosexuality had been one of the few advances in jurisprudence in a country where the statute books are full of archaic laws. It was duly acknowledged by much of society as a...

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