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Failed policy
Thu, 23 -Feb, 2012

The recent discussion on assessment of the country’s forest resources contained in the India State of Forest Report can be clearly described as state–of the–art jugglery with confusi...

Bad move
Wed, 22 -Feb, 2012

It does not come as a surprise that all opposition Chief Ministers, and even those belonging to non-Congress UPA parties, have objected to the setting up of the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC...

Serious negligence
Tue, 21 -Feb, 2012

It is clear that no matter how serious an incident, follow up and corrective action is not in the nature of the Indian system of governance. The attitude is one of merely tiding over the immediate cri...

Economy needs leadership
Wed, 08 -Feb, 2012

No matter how many lawyers one has on one’s team to put a  spin on things, it is the economy ultimately that provides the necessary dose of reality. Government statistics announced ...

Two-horse race in UP?
Tue, 07 -Feb, 2012

If one is to go by media analysis on what’s happening in  UP, it would seem that the electoral battle is between the two regional outfits, BSP and SP. The SP is being seen to have t...

Cloud over MNREGA
Mon, 06 -Feb, 2012

A cursory glance at the recent news reports on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA) in the district of Dehradun shows that all is not well with the ambitious wage e...

What a mess!
Fri, 03 -Feb, 2012

The Supreme Court order on the 2G Spectrum Scam, cancelling 122 licenses issued in 2008, has been described as a vindication of enlightened citizens who have fought for transparency and probity in p...

Strategic vacuum
Thu, 02 -Feb, 2012

to fight a ‘limited conflict’ with China on the disputed border between the two countries. This would imply that the Indian establishment is integrated enough to have a strategy to deal...

Was it done?
Wed, 01 -Feb, 2012

The average ten to fifteen percent higher polling for  the present assembly elections as compared to the 2009 Lok Sabha elections has brought smiles to the faces of the Election Commissio...

Understand the cause
Wed, 18 -Jan, 2012

The cannibalistic feeding frenzy that the tabloid style TV channels and their fellow-travellers in the print media are indulging in these days with regard to the fortunes of the Indian Cricket team in...

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