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Falling short
Thu, 30 -Jan, 2014

The Bahuguna Government in Uttarakhand does not seem to have a consistent vision for Uttarakhand. It seems to be functioning by reflex, like a man fending off a bee attack. The Cabinet meets ostensibl...

Urgent challenge
Wed, 29 -Jan, 2014

The decision of the Supreme Court not to review its earlier verdict upholding homosexuality as a criminal offence has put the onus squarely back on the government, indeed, the entire political establi...

More panic
Tue, 28 -Jan, 2014

The battle for the Lok Sabha elections has well and truly begun. While the BJP’s local unit is attempting to pin down upstart Kejriwal in Delhi, Modi continues with his nationwide tour, adding m...

R Day Resolve
Mon, 27 -Jan, 2014

As the nation prepares to celebrate another Republic Day, it is time to undertake the usual ritual examination of the gains and losses in the past year. There is no doubt that India is undergoing a pr...

Not pretty
Thu, 23 -Jan, 2014

Revolutionary change – even when it is entirely democratic and bloodless – cannot be comfortable, painless and pretty. By its very nature, it is painful, chaotic and ugly. The AAP movement...

Fall from Grace
Wed, 22 -Jan, 2014

Where the ordinary stone-paved walls of a metro station become adorned with paintings by prominent artists, where Durga is worshipped for ten days in grand style for killing the demonic Mahishasur, wh...

Getting better
Tue, 21 -Jan, 2014

Can it be described as the AAP effect, or is it just the natural evolution of legislative skills in a highly competitive political environment in Uttarakhand? Every session of the Vidhan Sabha sees an...

No surprise
Sat, 18 -Jan, 2014

On a day when the Congress – with its all important CWC meeting - ought to have hogged all the headlines, loudmouth Mani Shankar Aiyar made sure that Modi became the subject of sympathetic comme...

Start again
Fri, 17 -Jan, 2014

The extension of the truncated Industrial Package to 2017 in Uttarakhand cannot really do anything significant in rebuilding the momentum that was lost when the disastrous decision was taken to cut it...

Poor consolation
Thu, 16 -Jan, 2014

Factionalism is a part of democratic politics. When it increases in intensity, it is a good indicator of a government’s growing unpopularity. There is no doubt that, for some reason, governance ...

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