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Courtship protocol
Tue, 14 -Jan, 2014

Even though a much stricter law was enacted after the Nirbhaya gang rape case in Delhi, there has clearly been little improvement in the security situation for women. In fact, disclosure after disclos...

Third option
Mon, 13 -Jan, 2014

With the political scene hotting up in various ways, dissenters, malcontents, frustrated ‘leaders’ are among those threatening to take the ‘third option’ - another term for the...

Low point
Sat, 11 -Jan, 2014

Devyani Khobragade has been indicted by a US grand jury, while at the same time granted diplomatic immunity. This will allow her to return to India without the danger of arrest or imprisonment. In tha...

Without Vision
Fri, 10 -Jan, 2014

Ever since the Vijay Bahuguna led Congress plus PDF government came to power in the state, people have been hoping for the much required ‘leap forward’ that would focus Uttarakhand’s...

Not patriotic
Thu, 09 -Jan, 2014

It seems there is one group working very hard to ensure that Narendra Modi is not elected Prime Minister. It comprises fringe Hindutva elements, Sangh Parivar affiliates, as well as leaders and activi...

Moral question
Wed, 08 -Jan, 2014

Why should those in high constitutional and government positions be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing when charged with irregularities or improper behaviour? It has taken a lot of ar...

Be liberated
Tue, 07 -Jan, 2014

Inter-caste, inter-community, inter-state marriages are unremarkable events in urban India, today. On the other hand, many parts of rural India remain gripped in orthodox beliefs and it becomes a life...

Tame show
Mon, 06 -Jan, 2014

The Prime Minister of democratic India addressed a press conference after a break of three years on Friday. His interventions in Parliament too have been few and far between. In the end, he didn&rsquo...

What unites
Mon, 06 -Jan, 2014

Eleven persons have been killed in Karachi in the most recent round of killings over the MQM demand for a separate state that would accommodate ‘Mohajirs’. Sixty-seven years after Partitio...

Impossible position?
Fri, 03 -Jan, 2014

Is it a conspiracy between AAP and the Congress to grab power in Delhi, and to keep the BJP out? Or, is it a conspiracy between the Congress and BJP to eliminate AAP by putting it in an impossible pos...

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