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Mad visions
Thu, 02 -Jan, 2014

When it comes to contemplating nuclear war and its consequences, most persons adopt an ostrich like approach, as to do otherwise would be to risk one’s sanity. Unfortunately for some, it is thei...

Good sense
Wed, 01 -Jan, 2014

The Kedarnath tragedy made 2013 an utterly disastrous year for Uttarakhand, not just causing enormous loss of human life, but dealing a severe blow to the economy, in particular, Tourism. The disaster...

Marketing Tourism
Wed, 01 -Jan, 2014

From time to time, the Indian economy throws up new classes of travellers with the leisure and wherewithal to visit destinations of their choice. Among these, over the years, have been those that have...

Red Lines
Wed, 25 -Dec, 2013

Recently, an elderly person complained to the police control room in Doon about noisy and drunken celebrations near his home late in the night. The police reached the spot within minutes and silenced ...

Worth it
Tue, 24 -Dec, 2013

The Aam Aadmi Party has finally agreed to take on what is basically a suicide mission – forming the government in Delhi with MLAs well short of a majority. It has intelligently enough made a big...

Small transaction
Mon, 23 -Dec, 2013

The salaried middle class is facing the pinch of inflation in many ways. It is just not the price of goods that is going up, but also of services. While reams are written and spoken about the travails...

New Path
Mon, 23 -Dec, 2013

Hopefully, the consultative process begun by the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi will catch on in political culture because it not only gives the people a chance to express their opinion, but basically infor...

Poor diplomacy
Fri, 20 -Dec, 2013

It seems that Indians even in the highest echelons of society do not understand how a law-abiding system functions. No matter how much is said about the ‘independence’ of institutions, the...

People’s Power
Fri, 20 -Dec, 2013

It took nothing short of a revolution to bring the UPA Government to its senses. Its continued rejection of popular demands like the Lokpal Bill and its determination to ignore issues emerging from ex...

Now Perform
Fri, 20 -Dec, 2013

By Indian standards, it is not very strange at all that not a rupee was spent in the past year from the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ established to combat atrocities against women. There are many reaso...

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