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AAP way
Mon, 16 -Dec, 2013

Many of those who derided AAP’s political ambitions, earlier, are in the forefront of the demand for the party to constitute the government in Delhi, as the BJP and Congress, alike, have promise...

Systemic stress
Sat, 14 -Dec, 2013

Even as the Union Government is in free-fall, Parliament, too, is in a state of near paralysis. With contentious issues allowed to fester without cure, almost no legislative work is getting done. Thin...

Glorious Sunset
Thu, 12 -Dec, 2013

With the MIG-21 FL fighter aircraft being phased out almost fifty years after joining duty with the Indian Air Force, an era has ended. It goes to the enormous credit of the force that it managed to k...

Grown-up now
Wed, 11 -Dec, 2013

The Aam Aadmi Party has landed in the thick of the complexities and contradictions that political parties in India have to face on a regular basis. The conduct of politics is always a ‘yaksha pr...

Big story
Mon, 09 -Dec, 2013

The big story, of course, in the latest round of Assembly elections is the rise and rise of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi and the consequent decimation of the Congress. (The ‘Mango Man’ com...

System Subverted
Mon, 25 -Nov, 2013

It was the perpetrators’ blatant contempt for the law and its enforcers that had provoked particular anger among civil society in the Nirbhaya case. Rape is sadly too common an occurrence in Ind...

Alienation & Mobocracy
Thu, 28 -Feb, 2013

A mob set the railway station on fire in Gulabganj, Madhya Pradesh, after two children were run over by a train. A railway employee died in the fire, while two others were injured.How can such a react...

Some improvement?
Wed, 27 -Feb, 2013

India’s civil aviation sector has been stalled by mindless government policies. That provides an opportunity for the railways to make some money. It cannot extract more money from the cattle cla...

Fighting fiction
Sat, 02 -Feb, 2013

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, who was the Army Chief of Staff at the time of the Kargil conflict, has sought to rewrite history by claiming that his forces won that battle, and that it w...

Razor’s edge
Wed, 30 -Jan, 2013

The Indian Muslim has to walk the edge of the sword in his role as a citizen of India. Of course, the heat felt by him or her is now being felt by a lot of other sections – consider Ashish Nandy...

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