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Obama’s googly
Sat, 12 -May, 2012

US President Barack Obama has expressed himself in favour of legalising same-sex marriages. According to him, he has ‘evolved’ into this thinking over the years, particularly following dis...

Case for Sex Education
Thu, 10 -May, 2012

The fact that sex education is considered taboo and a ‘dangerous thing’ in a country with the highest population in the world is an irony. Be it government officials in the Department of E...

Coming challenge
Wed, 09 -May, 2012

When India and China were advancing at a spanking 8% plus GDP growth rate, it was believed by many that a ‘power-shift’ was taking place from the developed West to the developing East. The...

Being ‘Inspired’
Tue, 08 -May, 2012

Amir Khan’s already acclaimed TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ hit an immediate road bump when “Euphoria’s” Palash Sen alleged that part of the theme music had been plagia...

No middle-ground
Thu, 03 -May, 2012

It is sad that the prevailing regime is not much concerned with preserving or promoting the conventions and spirit that lie behind the Indian Constitution. At every important transitional phase in the...

Wed, 02 -May, 2012

It is difficult to guess what the Congress has in mind for Uttarakhand. Although the party was in total disarray before the assembly elections and, later, took some time to find its feet, the Governor...

UGC glitches disappoint again
Tue, 01 -May, 2012

Even as India is at the threshold of becoming the third largest Internet market in the world after China and the USA, technical glitches and woeful inadequacies in the systems of online academic appli...

‘Business’ as usual
Mon, 30 -Apr, 2012

A meeting was held on 28 April by the district magistrate of Dehradun with various ‘sections’ of society to discuss ways and means of bringing down sound pollution in the city. This was do...

Tip of the iceberg
Fri, 20 -Apr, 2012

Just imagine a scandal had erupted in India concerning the sexcapades of the Prime Minister’s NSG commandos. The airwaves would have been awash with the TV anchors and panelists ripping apart th...

Any hope for border areas?
Thu, 19 -Apr, 2012

By laying emphasis on development of infrastructure in Uttarakhand’s five districts sharing international borders with Nepal and China at the recent meeting on Internal Security in the national ...

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