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Psychology of hate
Wed, 18 -Apr, 2012

The trial of the Norwegian mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, has begun. The issues at hand are whether he is legally sane, and what could have been the possible reasons for him to have killed his o...

Tue, 17 -Apr, 2012

Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna’s address to the Meeting on Internal Security held in New Delhi on Monday is a clear reflection of the chasm that exists between the reality and what is shown on go...

Rainwater harvesting ignored
Thu, 12 -Apr, 2012

The onset of the summer season, predictably, has been marked with newspaper reports of deficient drinking water supply in some parts of the city. It would be, however, erroneous to project that the si...

Hobbled forces
Wed, 11 -Apr, 2012

In the midst of reports that the police in Odisha has refused to serve in Maoist affected areas if high profile suspected terrorists are released in an exchange for hostages, the helplessness of gover...

Tariff trouble
Tue, 10 -Apr, 2012

The Power Corporation in Uttarakhand has proposed hiking the tariff for electricity in the state, and the Regulatory Commission is going through the process of examining the request. According to repo...

Con job
Fri, 06 -Apr, 2012

The IPL opening ceremony has come in for some severe criticism, largely because of its being very ‘Bollywood’. But there is no accounting for tastes, the organisers might say. The question...

Frontier roads
Thu, 05 -Apr, 2012

‘The scene is ‘jheen’ (hazy) in comparison to ‘Cheen’ (China)’. This is often said by residents in the frontier district of Pithoragarh in the Kumaon Division, when...

No reason to gloat
Wed, 04 -Apr, 2012

Where would an extra-passive India be without an extra-aggressive United States? For over two decades, India (and substantially more China) benefited from the excessive consumption habits of the Ameri...

Do it yourself
Tue, 03 -Apr, 2012

Some things remain the same, no matter who comes to power. One of these is the overall traffic mismanagement in the State and the Capital. Like so much else in the country, the people would endure it ...

Focus on work now
Mon, 02 -Apr, 2012

After having inducted party rebels who won as independents into the Uttarakhand Cabinet, nothing can be more farcical than the notices issued by the State Congress party to dissidents who are believed...

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