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Tourism bottle-neck
Thu, 29 -Mar, 2012

Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna won the last Lok Sabha election from the Tehri Parliamentary Constituency and this explains the reason why he continues to have his heart there. Perhaps this is also the ...

Sound Vision
Wed, 28 -Mar, 2012

As a vision document, the Governor’s Address to the Vidhan Sabha on Tuesday is a remarkable construct, providing a perspective of all round development in the short and long terms. In many ways,...

Excluded media
Tue, 27 -Mar, 2012

The fulminations of Team Anna against parliamentarians, in particular, Arvind Kejriwal, have brought to the fore the exact status of right to freedom of expression in India. In a country like the US, ...

Neglected asset
Mon, 26 -Mar, 2012

A Maruti Van went off a road near Kolhukhet on Saturday and landed some twenty feet on another road below. It was completely pulverised. The four passengers emerged seriously injured, but fortunately ...

Begin at once
Fri, 23 -Mar, 2012

The malcontent Congress leader, Harish Rawat, is reported to have said that the storm in the state unit of the party has abated and the rest remains in “Chief Minister Bahuguna’s hands&rdq...

Modi rising?
Wed, 21 -Mar, 2012

The decision by Time magazine to put Narendra Modi on its cover has created a storm of sorts in Indian political and media circles. While the Indian knows better, there is obvious concern among those ...

Forgotten measures
Tue, 20 -Mar, 2012

With the State Government still grappling with political oddities within its clan in the post-election scenario, chances are remote that in the days to come it will be able to ensure better delivery o...

Time’s running out
Mon, 19 -Mar, 2012

The masks and gloves are off in the Uttarakhand Congress. Too many in the party are at the fag end of their careers. The narrow ‘victory’ in the recent assembly elections, with the unexpec...

Can still do it
Fri, 16 -Mar, 2012

There is basically a huge and growing demand-supply mismatch in the Indian economy. The declining world economy, too, does not provide hope of an expansion that could fuel growth in India. A vast para...

Revamp KVKs
Thu, 15 -Mar, 2012

The report on the ‘State of Indian Agriculture’ presented to Parliament on Tuesday is significant in more than one ways. First, this is for the first time that the report has been presente...

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