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Animal Travel
By Maneka Gandhi | Wed, 12 -Feb, 2014

Last year a couple sent their healthy Great Dane in a custom made kennel from Hawaii to Seattle through Continental Airlines. When he arrived in Seattle he was covered in vomit, faeces, saliva and blo...

NDA Days
By Col Nirmal Mahajan (Retd) | Tue, 11 -Feb, 2014

I joined NDA (National Defence Academy) on 1 January, 1962. For the first time in my life, I had traveled alone.We travelled by the then very famous chair-car deluxe train. All of us newcomers got dow...

Searching for Appropriate Model
By Bharat Dogra | Mon, 10 -Feb, 2014

Persistence of large-scale deprivation amidst accentuation of inequalities has often drawn attention to the need for an alternative development model. Two new factors have brought urgency to this. Fir...

Healthcare or death guaranteed centre?
By Prasanna Kapoor | Sun, 09 -Feb, 2014

Thirty-seven deaths in 9 months at Almora District Hospital of Uttarakhand. Similar statistics prevail in other towns located in the hills and a further shocking death toll can be seen in the villages...

Ray of New Hope
By CS Semwal | Sat, 08 -Feb, 2014

Our state is now thirteen years old but I still keep wondering when the dawn of hope will start illuminating the lives of the people of Uttarakhand. So far, the two major parties have been experimenti...

Taint of Beggary
By KUNAL PALTA | Fri, 07 -Feb, 2014

Is begging a crime, or a necessity for beggars? Tragedy stares at us at every corner. The city is chock full of people sitting around in the day, watching the world pass them by. It is becoming an inc...

Unconditional love
By Maneka Gandhi | Thu, 06 -Feb, 2014

Dogs are not just companions and friends. They can teach you so many lessons that help you lead a happier life – if you would only care to learn them. Here are some of them: You come home afte...

U’khand’s Tableau on Rajpath: ‘Anger but not Hopelessness’
By RS Tolia | Tue, 04 -Feb, 2014

The Garhwal Post editorial on the eve of our Republic Day exhorts all its readers to "think of the nation and drive the Truth home". It also sums up the national mood as that of "Anger but not hopeles...

Correcting the System, Rahul Gandhi Style
By Pawan Jain | Mon, 03 -Feb, 2014

A recent interview of the Congress Vice President raked up a fair amount of controversy. A lot of people started to ask the same question again. What is he good at? It was a long interview and much li...

Perkovich’s Conundrum !
By Maj Gen Rajendra Prakash (Retd) | Sun, 02 -Feb, 2014

A conundrum is a logical postulate which evades resolution, being a difficult, intricate and complex problem. George Perkovich is an eminent American scholar and analyst whose expertise, amongst other...

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