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Vot 4 I Vot 4 U?
By Param Jigyasu | Thu, 01 -Mar, 2012

Recently, I was reminded of the time spent in Tamil Nadu during an assembly election. People had just realised that they could ask questions of the candidates and they had started to ask, 'Yenna D...

Journey Begins
By Brig SD Dangwal (Retd) | Wed, 29 -Feb, 2012

Precursor to London Olympic Games 2012 In July 2012, the world’s gaze will fall on London, as the Olympic Games, a festival of tolerance, solidarity, peace and friendship will be hosted by this...

FDI in Retail will harm Small Traders & Farmers
By Bharat Dogra | Tue, 28 -Feb, 2012

The widespread opposition to the Union Government's recent decision to allow 51% foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail trade reveals the strength of democratic opposition in India. Some ...

Look who is Judging!!
By Renu D Singh | Mon, 27 -Feb, 2012

It is always catchy news in a newspaper or on a TV channel when a girl or a woman is reported or caught by police in a hotel or a public place with a man who is not her husband, father, brother, or so...

BJP has Anti Tribal Stance
By SS Pangtey | Fri, 24 -Feb, 2012

Burning Issues of Uttarakhand The tribal population, about 4% of the total population of the state, inhabits the most hazardous areas on the international boundaries of the country. In undivide...

From Gallows to Guillotine
By Mukesh Rawat | Thu, 23 -Feb, 2012

Today, as I was having a cup of tea at a stall near my residence in Hauz Khas in New Delhi, a strange but noteworthy question popped in my head from nowhere. It was - Is attempting suicide a legal off...

Desire vs ethics
By Arshad Mahmood | Wed, 22 -Feb, 2012

Whenever divine ethics is imposed on a society while banning social and cultural activities in the name of religion, hypocrisy and double standards become widespread Pakistan is an Islamic country; i...

Exams & how to live with them
By Yauvanika Chopra | Tue, 21 -Feb, 2012

It’s that time of year again when stress levels of students (and their hapless parents) are at an all time high, and from every home you can hear, from as early as 5 a.m., the sound of half forg...

Celebrating & ignoring environment?
By Deepika Bhatt | Tue, 21 -Feb, 2012

The wedding season is on and so are the grand parties. People spend a lot on arrangements, decoration, quality of food, etc. When the party gets over no one cares about the waste material. In our cele...

Why was education not on agenda of political parties in Uttarakhand?
By Annpurna Nautiyal | Wed, 08 -Feb, 2012

Now that polling in  Uttarakhand is over  with high turnout of the voters, the poll percentage of about 70 percent is giving sleepless nights to the candidates who were in the ...

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