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Obama’s Option -- Lawlessness or Rule of Law
By John J Clancey | Sat, 01 -Feb, 2014

As Edward Snowden has continued to slowly release more information about the widespread intelligence gathering techniques of the National Security Agency (NSA), there have been more calls for him to b...

Martial Traditions of Uttarakhand
By Dr Achlanand Jakhmola | Fri, 31 -Jan, 2014

Although the political history of Uttrakhand is shrouded in darkness, the martial traits of the inhabitants can be traced back to the sixth century BC. The eminent historian, Rhys David writes that th...

Increasing inequalities now major problem of World Economy
By Bharat Dogra | Thu, 30 -Jan, 2014

A recent report by Oxfam titled 'Working For the Few' has presented an alarming picture of the extreme and increasing inequalities in the world economy. One percent of the households of the present-da...

Cleanliness in Politics
By Vishal Sharma | Wed, 29 -Jan, 2014

A few days ago, I happened to speak to a renowned educationist who narrated that when he was very young, the nation got independence. Like most youngsters in those days, having high ethical and moral ...

Dog in the Office
By Maneka Gandhi | Tue, 28 -Jan, 2014

Thousands of the best run, most successful big and small companies in America, including Google and Amazon, have one thing in common: they allow their employees to bring their dogs to office. In ...

Campaign for South Asian Democratic Union
By Dhirendra Sharma | Mon, 27 -Jan, 2014

Equality is a modern scientific mantra, a revolutionary cultural paradigm, not found entirely in any religion or Holy Testament. Today, we know there is no exclusive blood group identity that divides ...

Aam Aadmi Police: Hope from AAP
By Aloke B Lal | Sat, 25 -Jan, 2014

One understands that AAP has formed three committees to go into various important matters, and one of these is Police Reforms. Having come to the streets in an unprecedented method of registering prot...

Further indignity from ineffective policing: AHRC
Thu, 23 -Jan, 2014

The rape of a foreigner in the national capital, New Delhi, has placed India in disrepute, internationally. This incident comes just a year after a similar one shook the nation. The rape of a physioth...

Medicines for animals
By Maneka Gandhi | Tue, 21 -Jan, 2014

When Dr Samuel Hahnemann developed homoeopathy as a system of medicine, he stressed in 1813 that its principles should be the same as in humans. Boenninghausen continued to develop veterinary homoeopa...

CR7: Deadliest Striker of the Year 2013
By Manish Jha | Sun, 19 -Jan, 2014

Who will be the Ballon D’Or winner? This was the major question among many football fans, players and the fraternity. Finally, we got the answer on Monday night in Zurich with Cristiano Ronaldo ...

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