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False beliefs
By Maneka Gandhi | Wed, 30 -Jan, 2013

Now that one mythology has been put to rest – of the world ending on 21 December - let me attempt to disabuse you of some beliefs that have survived time.* Bats Fly into Your Hair -Bats flying a...

Indian Constitution has proved Jennings wrong
By Gurubar Singh Thapa | Tue, 29 -Jan, 2013

The Republic Day of India commemorates the date—January 26, 1950—on which the constitution of the country came into effect. The statute replaced the Government of India Act 1935 of the col...

EVMs threaten vote value in democracy
By Prof Bhim Singh | Mon, 28 -Jan, 2013

The vote value in Indian democracy is an important factor where every citizen who is a qualified voter is vested with the absolute right to vote for the person of his or her choice. The electoral syst...

Advantages of Cow Urine
By Maneka Gandhi | Thu, 24 -Jan, 2013

Last week, I went to inaugurate a little ‘gaushala’ in a village outside Delhi. After the ceremony, the gaushala committee head handed me a bottle of distilled cow urine. I asked him what ...

Integrating Livelihood Concerns with Protection of Bio-Diversity
By BHARAT DOGRA | Wed, 23 -Jan, 2013

By Bharat Dogra At the recent Eleventh Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity at Hyderabad, repeated attention was drawn to the need for integrating the livelihoods of poor a...

Diversity of Life
By Maneka Gandhi | Tue, 22 -Jan, 2013

Think of any form, any colour, and any combination of colours, sex, eating habits or whatever. Nature has already invented it. And every year scientists discover more and more life forms. In Madagasca...

Lion of the Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh-II
By Gopal Bhardwaj | Thu, 28 -Jun, 2012

  When Lord William Bentinck came out to India in 1831, the British Government was still perturbed about the advance of Russia in central Asia, and the new Governor-General was ordered to enter ...

Lion of the Punjab & the Sikh Empire - I
On the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839)

by Gopal Bhardwaj | Wed, 27 -Jun, 2012

The Punjab, or Land of the “Five Rivers”, was first known to western nations as the kingdom of King Porus. The Greeks under Alexander, who confronted this monarch, gave the name of “...

Climate Change in UP
By Bharat Dogra | Thu, 24 -May, 2012

On 11 April, a highly destructive hailstorm lashed parts of Jalaun district in Uttar Pradesh. This was no ordinary disaster. Village elders say in their entire life they have seen nothing like this. A...

RTE - reality, hope or farce?
By Vineeta Sood | Tue, 22 -May, 2012

The Supreme Court’s Judgment making it mandatory for all schools to reserve 25% seats for the economically weaker sections of society brings to mind the movie, “Taare Zameen Par”. So...

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