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Good poet cannot be a bad person: KN Uniyal
By Aastha | Sun, 05 -Jan, 2014

Dehradun, 4 Jan: Kunal Narayan Uniyal just released his collection of poems ‘Kucch Khwab Saagar Se’ in Doon recently. Published by Immortal Doon Publications, this collection of 27 poems i...

Present generation unaware of India’s cultural wealth: Arunima
Arunima Kumar | Thu, 19 -Dec, 2013

Dehradun, 18 Dec: “It is an irony that the present generation, parents and teachers do not understand the richness of our own culture, while there are people from foreign countries coming to Ind...

“BJP committed to delivering Ram Rajya”
Special Interview
By Kamal Bhatt | Sun, 15 -Dec, 2013

Dehradun, 14 Dec: On the eve of the rally of Narendra Modi, BJP prime ministerial candidate for the coming general elections, Garhwal Post spoke to RS MP Tarun Vijay and former Speaker Prakash Pant, o...

Winterline Carnival will be unique in many ways
Exclusive interview with DM Purushottam
By RAJ KANWAR | Thu, 12 -Dec, 2013

Fourten months into his posting as the 57th District Magistrate of Dehradun, reckoned as one of the most challenging postings in the state, Dr BVR Chandra Purushottam has more than proved his mettle. ...

Jaideep combines passion with profession to deliver perfection
Teaching Soft Skills
By Aastha | Tue, 01 -May, 2012

Dehradun, 30 April: Jaideep Dutta, an enterprising and enthusiastic young entrepreneur is in Doon in an attempt to interact with the aspiring class and help them attain image makeovers, contemporary s...

Rishi Kapoor treated me like son: Deepak Dobriyal
By Ashish Mitra | Sun, 22 -Apr, 2012

After years of struggle, Deepak Dobriyal is an established actor today. Currently doing Dabaang 2 in a negative character, Dobriyal sits happily over a cup of tea after going through his daily routine...

Lalu Prasad Yadav ke saath mulakaat
Rashmi Chauhan | Fri, 13 -Jan, 2012

Lalu Prasad Yadav was interviewed by Sanjeev Shrivastava in the latest edition of BBC Ek Mulakat aired on BBC Hindi. The famous politician, present Railway Minister of India has turned Indian railwa...

Sachin Tendulkar ke saath ek mulakat
Prabhu Chawala | Fri, 13 -Jan, 2012

There was a time when watching Sachin Tendulkar [ Images ] was exciting. Today it is a joy. The free spirit is now the senior statesman in the team with new priorities and greater g...

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