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Rishi Kapoor treated me like son: Deepak Dobriyal
By Ashish Mitra | Sun, 22 -Apr, 2012

After years of struggle, Deepak Dobriyal is an established actor today. Currently doing Dabaang 2 in a negative character, Dobriyal sits happily over a cup of tea after going through his daily routine when Garhwal Post catches him for a free-wheeling interview.
Could you elaborate on the role you are doing in Dabaang 2?
(Smiles) It is too early to give details about the film and my role in it. All I can say at this juncture is that I am among three brothers, the other two being Prakash Raj and Niketan. While we are on Dabaang, let me tell you that earlier I was also to do Dabaang, but could not take the offer because I was then in the middle of Tanu Weds Manu.
Oh! You are a busy man. Could you name some of the films that you’ve done?
Besides Tanu Weds Manu, I have done films like Omkaara, Gulal, Delhi 6, Shaurya, 13 B, Dayen Ya Bayen and 1971.
Interesting, but where and how did you start your film journey?
Oh! That’s a long way. I started doing theatre when I was just 18 and went on doing professional theatre for seven years, of which six were with Arvind Gaur and a year with Pt NK Sharma. Here, let me make mention of the two theatre groups I worked with - one was the Asmita Group, while the other’s name was Act 1.
Sounds nice, tell us about your foray from theatre to films.
Oh! That was a tedious journey, full of struggle and hard work. Initially, to sustain myself, I did many a small role. The stepping stones into big films came with 1971 and Gulal. After that followed Omkaara. But since the last mentioned released first, it is said to be my debut film.
Bagging a big role isn’t easy. Did you have a godfather in the industry?
No, no. I remember something... While I was doing Maqbool and, later, Blue Umbrella, Pankaj Kapoor adviced me to do bigger roles. On his word, I went and met actor, lyric writer and composer Piyush Mishra, who auditioned me. Happy with my performance, he directed me to Arambit Sagar who took my screen test after which I got selected. After that I saw a regular flow of work.
Interesting! Has the time come when you choose your roles?
Well, let me now get into facts. In 2010, I was offered between 70 to 80 films that led to clashing of dates. That was the time when I started accepting films depending on the roles I had to play. While I accepted the films where my performance would be noticed, I let the others go.
Could you tell us about an incident or happening you would never forget?
Yes, here’s an incident I would never forget. For my role in Delhi 6, I had to sit in a shop representing a halwai ka dukaan. Waheedaji (Rehman), who was also featured in that particular sequence, truly thought me to be a halwai and would make peculiar gestures. In her anxiety she talked to Mehraji (Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra) about me, and he told her that I was an actor. In the same film, I got friendly with Rishi Kapoor so much so that he used to treat me as his son and was always carrying. He is indeed a lovable man.
Talking of Dabaang 2, how were your interactions with Salman Khan?
I haven’t yet shot with him. Our shoot with him will start in May.
Let’s get personal. Where does your family live?
I have my family in Delhi and Garhwal while I stay here in Mumbai with my wife and eight month year-old son.
Looking at what recently happened in Bangalore with a father’s repeated abuse of his newly-born daughter being the cause for her death, did you opt for a boy or a girl?
Well, I wanted a daughter who would be a good friend of mine at a later stage, while my wife craved for a son. For me, a child is a child. I am sad that after so many years, we have not been able come out of the wrong ideas about having a girl in the family. I would personally want such fathers to be dealt with severely. Why do they not see that scores of women have done what only men could?
Any way out you can think of?
Like-minded people should get together and educate the people who have a bad thought on a girl child. The movement should become so fierce that people should start thinking.
Finally, being an Uttarkhandi, what would you want to do for your home state?
Being from Uttarakhand, I would like to see films and theatre from the state rise to glorious heights. One day, I would like to make 4 to 5 art centres in the state on the lines of a National Art Centre that will showcase all-India culture.

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