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Jaideep combines passion with profession to deliver perfection
Teaching Soft Skills
By Aastha | Tue, 01 -May, 2012

Dehradun, 30 April: Jaideep Dutta, an enterprising and enthusiastic young entrepreneur is in Doon in an attempt to interact with the aspiring class and help them attain image makeovers, contemporary styling, a developed personality, finer soft skills and a complete grip on their communication abilities.
After a ten year successful stint in the demanding corporate world, this Dehradun boy is back in his home town to pursue his passion to transform.
For Jaideep, transformation means a makeover, both, internally and externally involving several aspects such as personality, health & hygiene, image, styling, communication skills, attitude, physical grooming and wardrobe management.
Thus came to inception his consultancy firm, ‘Mutatio’. At Mutatio, he combines passion with his profession and delivers perfection!
Having taken the daring step of letting go a settled and well paying job in order to chase a career he felt turned a social necessity into a business opportunity. He is already a few sessions old in the town and has gained considerable popularity amongst the young. For Dutta, connecting with students, making them laugh, getting them to talk, helping them get over their inhibitions and convincing them to improve for the better has been his dream come true.
Garhwal Post spoke to Jaideep in order to understand what the real challenges were, what got him here, and how he ensures that students improve their personality and conduct, and the adults their styling and grooming.
Here are some excerpts:
What is the concept of ‘Mutatio’?
Mutatio is a Latin word that means transformation. At Mutatio, I make an attempt to help individuals present the very best in their personality. As per my philosophy and knowledge, I feel that every person has a best way to look. My job is to find that hidden aspect in individuals. Everyone has a style statement within; it is just about recognising it. I attempt to help one discover the potential inside. One’s appearance is of prime importance in the present time. That is what Mutatio is here for, to help find an image. The successful take great care to project what they believe to be their personality, why should not everybody else make similar effort?
Is Mutatio just about looks?
No! It has a lot to do with the personality of the person, the confidence in him and the zeal to project the inner truth. We wish to evoke the best in a person. An individual’s personality is not just cosmetic, but also an amalgamation of the person’s background, exposure, intellect, conduct and awareness.
How do you feel you are qualified to bring about this change?
I have had a long stint in the corporate world during which I have come across all kinds of people, personalities and images. In the past, I have worked on event management, attrition control, recruitment and training as well as personality development. My responsibility was to find raw talent and nurture it. It in turn also helped the individual achieve his or her goals and give the best performance. I have also attended the exclusive course on image development and wardrobe management from the Sterling Institute of Image Management based in Los Angeles. Mutatio is not just about making a person aware of the current fashion statements, but discovering a perennial quality of personal style. During my experience with event management, I have come across people from different walks of life, which has given me exposure, knowledge and a strong base on the image of success.
What is the importance of grooming students at that an early age?
A student in his or her formative stage is very impressionable. They are in a very malleable state and open to learning. So, if the base is strong, it would complement their performance and confidence for the rest of their lives. It has got to do a lot with enhancing communication skills, discovering the best career options by gauging the talent. It is very important to bring together personality, passion, affinity and potential. I interact with students, and help them be aggressive and confident about themselves as well as in their conduct. It gives a person an edge beyond just having knowledge and college credits. It helps be a little superior during the crucial selection process for jobs and other career openings. Focus on personality and styling development, ironically, is still considered a taboo subject in current society, in spite of its importance.
How can you help in that?
I have been in the city for some time and have held sessions at several schools. I also do private and permanent counseling for students as well as professionals. I have a structured curriculum that is fun and easy to grasp, unlike some forced and bookish courses. I have seen students enjoying it even while internalising the teaching. If nothing more, I do make an honest attempt to sensitise students to the needs of the hour and how they can prepare for a better future. I deal with subjects such as image making, communication skills, wardrobe management, corporate training, confidence building, exposure, interview skills, building leadership qualities, styling, inculcating team spirit, health & fitness, body language, hygiene, lifestyle management, stress handling, manners and etiquette.
How do you intend to work with professionals?
Professionals need to know about the importance of presenting themselves in the right way. These days it is important for every professional to look his best, wear his best and conduct himself the best way. This involves a lot of intricacies, learning and knowledge about the latest trends. I study the latest trends and provide individual attention. At Mutatio, we help a person wear what suits him the best, help his buy the most appropriate and suitable clothes. It is a great experience for anyone, as it involves a lot of pampering, attention and expression of one’s uniqueness. We help an individual have the best hair style, select the most appropriate accessories and wear the best. It can not be a one time affair. It is a fun yet an awakening, knowledgeable experience that helps one discover one’s own worth. We may also call it a makeover experience that lasts a life time. It may be noted that one’s look displays the level of confidence one has.
You have held several workshops for youngsters in town. What problem areas do you see?
Yongsters in Doon are keen to learn and do have a basic understanding of the present demanding scenario. Yet, there are several issues that are not being properly dealt with. Students here are hesitant to talk in groups and suffer from lack of confidence. They need to be apprised about the importance of several personality aspects that they are ignoring. They do not realise the need to work on their soft skills, as in the long run this is one of the most important assets. Sadly, students here are academics-based. Parents are to blame as they believe time spent on grooming and styling is wasted and frivolous activity. It is important for them to push their children to grow in totality. Academics and groomed persona go hand in hand. One would definitely falter in absence of either.
Can you give some tips on how one can consistently work on self-improvement in terms of the aspects you deal with?
There are some timeless tips that one can introduce in one’s routine. I always insist on the reading habit. Every individual should read books and newspapers. It gives one an edge over others when it comes to communication skills. Eating healthy food, visiting a salon every now and then, sleeping properly and on time, speaking clearly, sitting straight and having the right posture, minding one’s hands while talking, avoiding excessive facial expressions, being comfortable while talking to the opposite sex and while communicating ensure that the message the receiver is getting is the same as the one you are trying to send.
These are easy and basic things that are very easy to learn. But they make a whole lot of difference and their absence can potentially lead to disasters!

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