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Interview Details
“BJP committed to delivering Ram Rajya”
Special Interview
By Kamal Bhatt | Sun, 15 -Dec, 2013

Dehradun, 14 Dec: On the eve of the rally of Narendra Modi, BJP prime ministerial candidate for the coming general elections, Garhwal Post spoke to RS MP Tarun Vijay and former Speaker Prakash Pant, on the Modi Factor and some other issues.
BJP doesn’t have a single parliamentary seat in Uttarakhand and this rally is scheduled before the coming Lok Sabha elections. What are your hopes?
Tarun Vijay – We are going to sweep the state by 5 to BJP and Zero for others. There would be a Tsunami not only in Uttarakhand but overall in the country. It will be a ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ rally in the state which gifted the Mother Ganga and the great Himalaya to the country, a wave of change will flow from the same Uttarakhand. Just as the holy Ganga has given identity to India, similarly Modi’s first rally in Uttarakhand will become a foundation stone for India’s transformation.
It is said about the recent assembly elections the four states that the NaMo factor didn’t work and even after much campaigning by him, the BJP could not get a clear majority and is unable to form the government in Delhi.
Prakash Pant - There always are lots of local issues in assembly elections, even so these were fought on national issues and the masses have accepted BJP’s leadership whole-heartedly and the Congress has received the consequences of its misrule. In Delhi, we have not got the majority which is why our top leadership has decided not to form the government there. Congress has given a letter for unconditional support to ‘AAP’, now it’s up to them. We are ready for election at any moment.
Isn’t this a diplomatic and routine answer? People of Uttarakhand want to know in clear words if there was any Modi wave? If yes, then why are you so helpless in Delhi?
Tarun Vijay – We are an organisation of consolidated and dedicated cadre on the ground and a unified leadership with the Modi magic. This ’Triveni’ has done splendid work. We are an ideology based political party. The thrust of the ideology is strengthened by activists and Modi’s leadership and presidential blessing of Rajnath Singh enhances it. This collectively has recharged our party workers and supporters. After our government is formed, the masses will experience the development and prosperity as in Ram Raj.
Delhi elections have shown that political parties cannot ignore the lay persons and those who connect with them will govern, irrespective whether they are new or experienced. Are you too going to relearn the basics now?
Tarun Vijay - Those who were always oblivious to the pain of the common person need to learn. We have learned from Bhagwan Ram, hence no need to reinvent anything suddenly. During his rule it was:
Daihik Daivik bhautik Tapa |
Ram Rajya Nahin Kahuhin Vyapa ||
(During the rule of Ram, there was no psychological, physical and material pain to anyone). We are determined to achieve this. With the public support we are receiving increasingly I am sure everybody wants to be part of the change with BJP.
Are you all satisfied with the preparations and cooperation being provided by the State Government for the rally?
Pant - Police and all other agencies are delivering their best. We are satisfied with the role of the local administration as well as the government. We are hoping for a smooth and successful rally.

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