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Present generation unaware of India’s cultural wealth: Arunima
Arunima Kumar | Thu, 19 -Dec, 2013

Dehradun, 18 Dec: “It is an irony that the present generation, parents and teachers do not understand the richness of our own culture, while there are people from foreign countries coming to India to learn more about our culture,” said Arunima Kumar, a renowned and versatile Kuchipudi Dancer, here, today.
During her last tour, she was accompanied by one of her fellows of Europe, who expressed her feeling by saying that coming to India was a unique experience, especially to learn about the rich heritage. “You people are so lucky to have been born in a country which has such a rich heritage,” she had said.
Arunima said it was a fact that India truly had a rich heritage, but how many people realised that. Today, the young generation was going towards western culture, following its trends, bring that life style into their lives. Where was the awareness about their own culture? They hardly realise the importance of their heritage. Instead, they wished to adopt other culture to look advanced and trendy.
“We need to shun such an attitude. Parents, teachers and students should promote our own culture,” added Arunima.
Arunima, who is devoting her life for such a cause, disclosed that she could have taken to a noble profession after doing her BA in Economics and then MSc in Finance and Accounting from London, and could have earned well, but instead decided to take up dancing.
She overcame all problems like shortage of funds, lack of opportunity and many others such things, because she was completely devoted towards her love for Kuchipudi.
“Our classical dances, classical singing, same as our Yoga and Ayurveda, are the base for every other art form. They are very rich in themselves,” added Arunima.
Arunima, who gave her first performance in the year 1999, called ‘Rangpravesha’, has till date performed in some 35 to 40 countries. The feel, the experience she has after performing before a live audience is unmatched and unparalleled.
For her, her inspiration is her guru, Swapnasundari and Jairama Rai. She also takes inspiration from other people like Sachin Tendulkar, who she says is a very humble person. She has won several prestigious awards. Even today before going in for a performance she seeks the blessing of her gurus, which she says removes all obstacles in her life.
By far the biggest challenge she has faced was in London, where her husband is working. The place knew virtually nothing about Kuchipudi dance and promoting the dance form there was a challenge. After a lot of hard work she ultimately managed to popularise the dance form there. Today, there is a large audience that comes to see her performance in London.

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