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Good poet cannot be a bad person: KN Uniyal
By Aastha | Sun, 05 -Jan, 2014

Dehradun, 4 Jan: Kunal Narayan Uniyal just released his collection of poems ‘Kucch Khwab Saagar Se’ in Doon recently. Published by Immortal Doon Publications, this collection of 27 poems is making a mark, both, in the country and abroad. The author of the book has recently been invited to participate in an author’s meet organised by ‘House of Life’ in France. He is now working on his next book, which will be a collection of poems in English based largely on spirituality.
Kunal, who is a merchant navy officer is a pass out of St Thomas’ School and started writing poems when he was in class eight. He started his career with the Hong Kong based company Uni Van Ship and ten years down the line continues to work in the same company. He is currently working as Chief Officer.
In a conversation with Kunal, Garhwal Post spoke to him about his interests, motivations and inspirations.
Right from his school days, he has been interested in participating in debates and theatre. Kunal joined the Merchant Navy right after school and this 28 year old has already completed ten years of working experience. Kunal divides his life in school as the land days and once after that as his sea world.
Recalling his school days as the most innocent phase of his life, Kunal speaks about his first poem for the girl he had a crush on in class eight. Below are the excerpts of a quick interaction with Kunal Uniyal.
What does it take to be a poet?
A poet can be successful only if he is innocent and sensitive but not emotional. You have to understand the intricacies and realities of life.
What has been your inspiration?
The sea has inspired me to write. The sea is intriguing and beautiful but along with it, the sea is also a devastator when it feels we need it. Like a mother, it loves you, mystifies you but also scolds you and expresses its anger. Money has never inspired me for I get enough of it from my profession. I have been working for a long time now but I yearned to reach out to people and express myself. I love to write when I am sailing.
A life changing moment…
Once while sailing, we were stuck inside a huge cyclone in South China Sea. The ship was quivering, shaking and it was an almost death like experience for us. Everyone in the ship got scared and kept running around in a panic situation but I held on to a rod and observed the restless sea. My captain came to me and asked why I was not reacting or had got scared. I simply said that I was enjoying the captivating sea since I realise that if I am born, I will have to die and if death in inevitable then why should I worry about it.
What has been the response to your book?
People from all walks of life who have found time to read it have appreciated it. But people from the older age group who understand life more clearly seem to like it more.
Your take on women in Merchant Navy?
There are more and more women joining the merchant navy in India but it sadly is not as easy for them as it is for women from other countries. It is sad to point out that women allow men to mess with them fearing they would lose their job otherwise. Women do not take a stand for themselves and continue to suffer in most cases. It has to be understood that what is wrong is wrong.
A message for aspiring poets
I want young writers to understand that writing is fun and a life changing experience. Youngsters must write not for fame or recognition but to be able to express yourselves. If you are a good poet, you cannot be a bad person.

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