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Spend sanctioned funds, ensure quality: CM
Wed, 08 -Feb, 2012

By our staff reporter
Dehradun, 7 Feb: Chief Minister BC Khanduri today conducted a department wise review of the financial as well as the physical progress of the State Annual Plan 2011-12, the centrally-sponsored and the externally-aided schemes with senior officials of the state administration. 
At the meeting at the Secretariat here, on Tuesday, Khanduri directed all the secretaries and the heads of departments to fully utilise the remaining funds sanctioned in the financial year in time. He said that all heads of departments should ensure that they carry out the various works in time and spend the sanctioned funds while ensuring the quality of the works undertaken. All departments had to make the details of associated problems and the work plan available to the Chief Secretary as soon as possible. 
The Chief Minister said that it had often been noticed that some of the departments parked the sanctioned funds and did not utilise them in proper time. He said that strict action would be initiated against officials found indulging in such practices. At the review meeting, the Chief Minister elicited department wise information and discussed issues related to progress of the schemes with the officials. Officials were asked about the problems that each one of them was facing with in the process of spending the sanctioned budget and also sought information about the level at which the schemes were pending. 
He directed the Chief Secretary to coordinate with the departmental secretaries and officials and conduct regular review of the progress.
The secretaries were also to also lay emphasis on increasing the sources of income of the state while formulating the annual plans. Concrete action plans and work on them to increase the revenue of the State was ordered, as well as speedy issue of sanctions on increasing the state component in income generating activities. 
On increasing the revenue income of the State, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) Dr RBS Rawat said that in order to increase rosin production, there was a need to carry out amendment in the Rosin Rules and the Forest Conservation Act. On the occasion, Khanduri directed the Chief Secretary to prepare proposals on income generation by holding detailed meetings with the departmental secretaries. He said that all problems of the state administration ought to be resolved at the Chief Secretary’s level, while the problems with the Central Government brought to his notice so that a solution could be found.
Chief Secretary Subhash Kumar revealed that Rs 5237.87 crores were received for the Annual Plan in this financial year against which Rs 3739.94 crores had been spent till now. He said that Rs 3126.26 crores were available under the flagship programmes till now against which Rs 1868.72 crores had been spent till now. He said that against the total sanctioned amount of Rs 447.85 crores for the externally-aided programmes, an amount of Rs 286.67 crores had been spent The Chief Secretary added that about Rs 2,000 crores had been spent on flagship programmes till the month of December, and Rs 70 crores had been spent on the National Agricultural Development Scheme as against only Rs 2 crores that were spent during the corresponding period in the last financial year. 
Secretary, Planning, S Ramaswamy said that the departments had made healthy progress in the Annual Plan during the financial year 2011-12.
Those who were present at the meeting included Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and heads of the departments.

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