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Nayani Dixit – Actress to the Core
By Tarini Mehta | Wed, 26 -Dec, 2012

Meet Nayani Dixit…a talented actress and an independent, strong woman. She was in Delhi for the shooting of ‘Queen’, a movie starring Kangana Ranaut, in which she plays her best friend. ‘Working with Kangana has been a great experience. She is so down to earth and a very secure actor. She gives you complete space during the shoot to develop your character and bring out its nuances.’
She also enjoyed being in Delhi. Originally from Kanpur, she now lives in Mumbai. Delhi has been a wonderful interlude, especially in terms of food and the weather for her. She loves Delhi’s chaat and momos, and gorged on this delicious food during her time here. But when asked about where she would prefer to live she said, ‘Mumbai, any day. It’s safer for women also. It’s just a nicer city for a girl to live in.’ She and the entire cast of ‘Queen’ were deeply moved and upset about the gang rape case in Delhi, and registered their protest.
Nayani is also an avid reader. A student of Hindi literature, she loves the writings of Kanta Nath and Premchand. Her favourite English books are Palace of Illusions, the Godfather Trilogy and books written by Sydney Sheldon. When not busy shooting, she prefers to stay at home with a good book and often turns down invitations from friends to stay at home and relax in this manner.
A passionate movie buff, she loves all kinds of movies, especially horror and thriller movies. 
Nayani comes from a family of artists with her father being a renowned theatre personality who received the UP Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to theatre. Her family has always stood behind her and given her the space to choose her own path. Acting is the love of her life and she cannot imagine entering any other profession. Her love for acting is so great that she has decided that she will only marry if and when she finds a man who will appreciate this and not curtail her acting aspirations. ‘Because I would not survive without acting,’ she says.
Single at the moment, she assured that whenever she enters into a relationship she would tell the world. ‘I don’t believe in being in a relationship and hiding it, like the stars do, saying that they are just friends when they are so clearly not.’
As an actress, she wishes that there were more female-centric roles that centred around real women. Bollywood directors claim that the reason for the lack of such roles is that there aren’t enough actresses to portray such characters. However, she disagrees. If such roles would be created, there are enough good actresses in India to play them. The film industry would then have many more Vidya Balans. One day she would love to play the role of a strong, determined woman, as portrayed in movies like the Million Dollar Baby.
Going to Hollywood is a dream which she hopes she will be able to fulfill some day, along with working with top Indian actors such as Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan.

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