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Beliefs & ideologies obsolete in one generation
By SK Sharma | Thu, 30 -Jan, 2014

As we propel onwards into the 21st century, change and obsolescence is going to be the only constant. Beliefs, ideologies, management practices, schools of thought, systems, will all survive no more than one generation (20 years). By that time, the pretenders and wannabes will climb on to the bandwagon. It is the initial adherents who are the sincere followers.
The problem with an ideology, a system, continuing after one generation is that it becomes distorted with the arrival of pretenders and wannabes who corrupt the original discourse. With each new adherent, distortions are likely to creep in. For the ideology to remain workable if not in pristine condition, it should be overhauled/revised in one generation, if not completely discarded. So this is true for all religious persuasions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism. These need to be discarded in favour of a new religion. The same applies to ideology - communism or capitalism needs to be replaced with a new ideology. The same applies to the British class society and India’s caste society - they will be replaced by other systems. Societies that cannot discard old ideology in favour of new are discounted societies (DCs) or devalued societies.
If a community is unwilling to revise its beliefs, it will be considered to consist of discounted human beings (DHB) or devalued human beings. The same applies for all the others. This discarding of an ideology after one generation is to ensure that only sincere adherents have a say for that particular ideology and not wannabes and pretenders who climb on to the bandwagon after the ideology becomes successful, thus corrupting it. The ideology’s success brings about its own downfall. This is just to prevent that from happening as we move on to a smarter world in the 21st century.
It’s something like destroy your business before it destroys you.
Every ideology becomes corrupted over a period of time as opportunists, fly-by-night operators, rent seekers try to hijack the agenda, the discourse, and try to milk it for personal gain. So, every 20 years, the ideology should be demolished to make way for a new/revised ideology.
Religions deviate from the essence of their teachings because of fundamentalists and obscurantists who insist every word in the holy book holds good even in these days after 1000/2000 years of the founding of the religion. Also, the interpreters of the holy book, the so-called holy men or religious scholars, bring in new laws and distortions not mentioned in the holy book for their own purposes. E.g. the practice of making women wear the veil, which is not mentioned anywhere in the holy books but is the result of a patriarchal society. Political ideologies also become corrupted over the years leading to their dissolution. For example, communism and its collapse in USSR and east European countries. Communism was corrupted by Stalinism which was nothing but ‘Marxism with its heart cut out’.
Management structures also become obsolete like the traditional hierarchical office structure being replaced in modern businesses with a ‘flat office’.
Ideology change is vital for improvement in quality of life. As time changes and technology changes, it is vital for social mores to keep in step with these changes for a harmonious life. Hence, ideology change is vital. Otherwise, there is the danger of regressing into a discounted society, a devalued, archaic society, not in step with the times or the rest of the world.
Earlier, the pretenders and wannabes took time to catch on to an ideology, as the ideology took time to become popular. But in these times of the internet and worldwide web, popularity grows like wildfire and pretenders and wannabes are quick to latch on to in an opportunistic manner. So, ideology or belief should be phased out in one generation or less. Even if there is not a complete discarding of ideology for an altogether new one, there will be a revision of the ideology prompted and accelerated by technological changes, like China’s revised communism.
Ideology change precipitates rather than just anticipates events. It chooses to direct events in a manner benefitting the populace rather than reacting to events that happen.
Perhaps system change is all for the good. It is time that India’s pernicious caste system and untouchability is annihilated. Caste and untouchability are anachronisms in the 21st century.
Ideology change may force USA to take a relook at its ‘gun’ laws and abortion laws, Egypt’s’ female circumcision, India’s female infanticide, dowry deaths, and ‘honour’ killings.
With education spreading amongst the masses rather than just the elite, the chances of ideology change every generation is now higher.

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