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New Year celebrated at Football Camp
By OUR STAFF REPORTER | Thu, 02 -Jan, 2014

Dehradun, 1 Jan: The Winter Football Camp organised by the Dehradun Football Academy with the special support of the Uttarakhand Football Referee Association at the Bajrang Club Football Ground in Nehrugram celebrated the New Year, here, today.
A friendly match was held on the occasion in the under 10 age group between Rajasthan Soccer Club and Dehradun Football Academy. It was a draw, 1-1. The scorer for DFA was Sahil Bisht and Arnav for RFC.
A match in the under 19 age group between DFA and RFC was won by the former, 1-0. Shailender Negi was the lone scorer.
The training camp is being held for girls and boys in the under 10 to under 21 age group. A total of 80 girls and boys are taking part, including 12 from economically weaker sections.
The coaches are Monika Bisht, Pravin Rawat, VS Rawat, and supporting coaches Shushant, Jatin Uniyal, Rahul Kaintura, coordinator Sudip Jugran.
The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr Vipin Baluni who gave away the medals and certificates to all 80 winter camp players and the 25 players of the Rajasthan Soccer Club.
The guest of honour was Dr Sushil Singh Rana of Navodaya Vidyalaya, Dehradun.
Chief Coach VS Rawat advised players to think positive, stick to a diet, discipline, unity, respect the parents, coaches, elders, those younger. He also spoke of the three moments in football - possession of the ball, possession of the ball by the opponent, change of possession (positive/negative).
Football is being taught at the grassroots - under 6 -10 (fun phase), 11 - 13 (foundation), youth under 14 -16 (formative phase) and 17 - 20 (final phase).

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