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Cong has betrayed U’khand’s potential: Modi
BJP holds massive ‘Shankhnad Rally’ in Doon

By OUR STAFF REPORTER | Mon, 16 -Dec, 2013

Dehradun, 15 Dec: Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Sunday targeted the Congress government in Uttarakhand while urging people to give him a chance to serve the country.
"You've experimented a lot, trust us once. I promise we will do everything to fulfill your dreams," Modi said while addressing a rally here.
He said there was lot of water in the hills but still there was darkness in the country.
"There is so much water in the hills but the nation is in darkness. What is the reason behind it? We can generate power through water in the mountains, but these people have no time," he said.
The youth of the hill state was suffering due to lack of development, said Modi.
"The youth of Uttarakhand is leaving because of lack of opportunities. There is scope for tourism but no growth," he said.
"They want people to remain poor, so their governments can go on," he said.
Vishal Thakur adds:
Narendra Modi was right on the money when it came to arousing and touching the feelings of the Uttarakhand people. His voice cracked with emotion on a number of occasions when he talked about nature’s fury faced by the people here just over five months ago. The ’Shankhnad Rally’ had all the necessary ingredients to grip the hearts and feelings of the people so that the BJP should be their choice for the upcoming Lok Sabha election.
Narendra Modi put it this way before the people: I came running to help the people and to find out the needs and requirements of Uttarakhand at the time of disaster. But my political counterpart did not allow me to meet you. I was disheartened, hurt and anguished with that decision of the Congress party. Politics prevailed over humanity.
He further expressed his concern for the state’s people, saying the severely cold winter was close and many people in the disaster hit places did not have proper places to live and clothes to wear. How they were going to face these winters was a cause for concern.
Venting his anger at Uttarakhand’s Congress government, Modi recalled that when Gujarat was hit by an earthquake, the state open-heartedly accepted help from all the states wishing to do so, even neighbouring country Pakistan’s assistance was accepted. There was no politics based discrimination done by the Gujarat government. Sadly, the Congress government of Uttarakhand adopted such an attitude towards Gujarat, which was hard to understand.
‘I was associated with Uttarakhand for many years and was also in-charge of the state. I have received and learned many things from here. Now, I seek the people’s blessing, so that I can give back what I have received from this hill state in all these years,’ pleaded Modi.
Modi also did not fail to defend Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who he said was unnecessarily being targeted by the Congress government. “Every month they have some new issues against him and a new case is registered to pressurise him. Had the Congress government focused even fifty percent of this energy on developing the state instead of targeting Baba Ramdev, Uttarakhand would have progressed manifold,” mocked Modi.
“Baba Ramdev is teaching people how to breathe well, but the Congress Party is choking for breath owing to Baba’s good work,” he commented.
While speaking of SEZs, he described Uttarakhand as a ‘Spiritual Environment Zone’. He said that Uttarakhand state could be developed as a religious tourism destination the way Mecca had been in the past thirty years. Not only did Uttarakhand have the potential for religious tourism, but adventure tourism as well. All one needed was to provide facilities in the state and connect Uttarakhand properly with other states by rail.
Asserting that Uttarakhand was also known to provide a large number of officers and soldiers to the country, he said the demand could be met even better by establishing institutions in the state that trained youngsters wishing to join the Armed Forces. An experiment in this regard was already underway in Gujarat, where few people opted for the Armed Forces, which had proved a success. He also spoke about the possibility of developing Uttarakhand state into a Herbal Zone, as the Himalaya region was known for its medicinal plants throughout the country and internationally.
He pointed to Chhattisgarh, which had repeatedly opted for a BJP government and ‘flourished’, instead of changing governments. He asked Uttarakhand state to give the BJP a chance so that it could see better days.
Recalling that then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had given a special industrial package to Uttarakhand in spite of the people of the state having voted a Congress government to power, he asked why it was the Congress had withdrawn it.
National President of the BJP, Rajnath Singh also gave a fiery speech that hammered the state Congress government for its failure to provide proper rehabilitation to over 10,000 people in the hills; even failing to provide connectivity to over 300 villages of the hills in the last six months after the disaster.
He pointed to Kutch and Bhuj of Gujarat that had faced a similar scale disaster as that in Uttarakhand, but today they had emerged as the most developed places. The Congress government had failed to bring a similar revolution in the state.
Singh termed the Congress Party as a burden on the country, which needed to be uprooted completely from the national scene. He said the country is reeling under inflation and the Congress did not have any answer for it.
Scams worth thousands of crores had been unearthed in the country in military deals with other countries and in other fields. Singh asked UPA government to give the Army a free hand in dealing with attacks like the one in which an Indian soldier was beheaded by the Pakistani Army. Singh also demanded making the ‘Anderson Brooks Report’ public, which dealt with reasons behind India’s defeat at the hands of China in the 1962 war.
He commented on the Congress victory in Mizoram as a consolation prize for participating in the election process, after losing in four major states of India. Singh strongly said that BJP was surely going to win all five Lok Sabha seats of Uttarakhand.
Also present on the occasion were former chief ministers of BJP BC Khanduri, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, as also State President Tirath Singh Rawat, Trivendra Singh Rawat, Madan Kaushik, Vinod Chamoli, MP Rajya Lakshmi Shah, MP Tarun Vijay, Prakash Pant, Vinay Goyal and others.

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