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Enough time to improve Lokayukta law: CM
By OUR STAFF REPORTER | Tue, 17 -Dec, 2013

Dehradun, 16 Dec: The State Government let out all the stops today to diffuse the impact of BJP’s ‘Shankhnad rally’ and Modi’s second round of election campaigning.
A cabinet meeting was held before the BJP rally and various pro-people decisions announced.
Today, a press conference was held at the Secretariat at which a counter attack was launched on the issues raised by BJP leaders at the rally. It was addressed by the CM, Vijay Bahuguna, along with three Cabinet Ministers Harak Singh Rawat, Dinesh Aggarwal and Amrita Rawat.
‘We are dedicated to implementing a strict ‘Lokayukt Act’ and it is almost complete. It will bring the Chief Minister in its ambit, too. The earlier law was made by Kejriwal and we are following Anna Hazare’s draft. Now, it’s up to the legislators to make their choice. We have time till 28 February and I am confident that the law will be fixed within that time,’ said CM Bahuguna while answering a question.
He counter attacked the BJP for criticising the state government’s performance and on the issue of development. He raised doubts about the claim made by BJP leaders with regard to the rally. He said that the BJP didn’t get enough numbers even after a month long hunt. ‘They brought people from UP as they failed in their effort in Uttarakhand. We will show them how popular are we during our scheduled rally in January,’ he added.
Minister Harak Singh Rawat provided data on the rescue work and rehabilitation drive being run in the disaster hit areas, and about the cash relief being distributed to the victims. ‘We issued relief Rs 7 lakh per family to everyone who had lost their house in the natural disaster, with each family unit being paid separately, even if they did not have separate ration cards, as also Rs 3000 for rent per month for an entire year. Tenants were also receiving Rs 2500 as relief. The compensation for domestic animals had also been increased.”
He said Modi was wrong about not being permitted to provide help. “We did not want to tie-up state machinery in attending to a VIP at the cost of rescue work. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, too, had cancelled his visit for the same reason. Rahul Gandhi visited after the rescue effort was over,’ he added.
He added that Modi had ample opportunity afterwards to provide help. The crores of rupees spent on the rally in Doon could have gone to the victims. “He just insulted the people of Uttarakhand,” said Rawat.
Amrita Rawat provided information about efforts being made to boost tourism. ‘We had cancelled the Shardotsav of Nainital, Mussoorie, Ramnagar because of the calamity we faced. But we have to boost the opportunities of employment generated by the Hospitality now’ she added. She was questioned about the poor condition of roads and other facilities essential to attract tourists here.

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