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2-Day Science-Maths Fiesta concludes at KV ONGC


Dehradun, 16 Nov: A 2-day long KVS Regional Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Maths and Environment Exhibition came to an end here today under the chairmanship of Dr Anshum Sharma Kalsi, the venue Principal.

The day commenced with a seminar on ‘Water Management: Ways and Possibilities’. The Chief Guest was Dr MK Goyal, Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee. Dr Anshum Sharma Kalsi felicitated the Guest Speaker, Dr MK Goyal and Safalta Bishnoi, Principal, KV IIP, with a sapling. Safalta Bishnoi was the observer of the event.

Dr MK Goyal enlightened all the students on the problems of scarcity of water and better management of water resources. He used ICT methods to make his lecture more impactful. Teachers and students from various schools of Dehradun region participated in the seminar whole heartedly. This was followed by an evaluation of different projects and models on Agriculture and Organic Farming, Health and Cleanliness, Resource Management, Waste Management, Transport and Communication and Mathematical Modelling by eminent scientists and professors.

The day came to an end with the valedictory function at which Vinod Kumar Pandey, Deputy Commissioner (Officiating), KVS RO, Dehradun, was the Chief Guest. He was welcomed by Dr Anshum Sharma Kalsi, the Venue Principal. Thereafter, the students of KV ONGC captured the attention of the guests with a vibrant welcome song, followed by a mesmerising dance performance by the senior students of the school.

The main attraction of the day was the Prize and Certificate Distribution Ceremony. Vinod Kumar Pandey along with Safalta Bishnoi gave away the prizes and certificates to the winners. All the participants showcased exceptional talent through their exhibits and their valuable ideas. In Agriculture and Organic Farming, Ankita Tariyal of KV OFD bagged the first prize, while Yugal Behl of KV ONGC grabbed first position in Health and Cleanliness. Aviral of KV Lansdowne captured the first position in Resource Management, while in Waste Management, Hardik Gusain of KV Roorkee No.1 got the first position. In Transport and Communication, Bharat Singh of KV OLF took away the first prize and Nikita Rawat of KV OFD acquired first position in Mathematical Modelling. In Quiz Competition, the teams of KV HBK No.2, KV Lansdowne and KV ONGC got first, second and third positions respectively.