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4 test Covid positive at AIIMS Rishikesh



RISHIKESH, 21 Jun: The test reports of four people belonging to the same family were found to be Covid positive in AIIMS Rishikesh on Sunday. All of them are residents of Pashulok, Rishikesh.
The head of this family is a 34-year-old lab attendant in the Department of Microbiology of AIIMS. All these people returned to Rishikesh from Delhi on 18 June and were in home quarantine.
AIIMS Public Relations Officer Harish Mohan Thapliyal disclosed that on complaint of fever, the lab attendant reached the OPD of AIIMS on 20 June. All his family members were also tested at AIIMS. The lab attendant was admitted to the Covid isolation ward on the same day. The lab attendant’s report came up positive late Saturday evening, while those of the other three family members were received on Sunday. These include the 27-year-old wife, 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son of the lab attendant. All these Covid positive people have been admitted to the Covid ward of AIIMS.