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4th Virtual International Conference held on ‘Trauma Management & Happy Relationships’



Dehradun, 19 Mar: The two-day Fourth Virtual International Conference on Trauma Management and Happy Relationships was organised by Speaking Cube Online Mental Health Consulting Foundation, in collaboration with 20 universities, many reputed voluntary organisations and eminent people. About 250 research papers were read at this event.

The Chief Guest at the conference was Madhu Bhatt, Vice President, Uttarakhand Sanskrit Literature and Arts Council.

Bhatt shared her insights on the importance of women’s empowerment and mental health in life. She agreed with the points raised by the Speaking Cube team regarding the establishment of antenatal mental health services in Uttarakhand hospitals and the establishment of centres to relieve the common person’s mind. She supported Speaking Cube’s positive efforts to enhance mental health through projects and boosted online antenatal mental health OPD. She also suggested that this programme could be conducted in the future as an international event in Uttarakhand.

Bhatt felicitated Dr Rita Kumar, Dr Renu Mahesh, Dr Chetan Sharda, Dr Neil Cobrin, Dr TM Mauloud, Dr Aradhana Shukla, Dr Madhurima Pradhan, Nitesh Shahi, Dr Nidhi Varma, Dr Abha Singh, Dr Anita Chauhan, Dr Shalini Sharma and Dr Brijmohan Sharma for excelling in their respective fields.

The Speaking Cube’s psychologist and play therapist, Gurmeet Sharda, welcomed all participants to the virtual international conference, shedding light on the background of this international conference. Dr Deepika Chamoli Shahi, the founder and director of the Speaking Cube, prayed to the Goddess for the positivity of life. Dr Shanta Kumar Negi, visiting faculty at Oxford University, began the proceedings with a mantra chanting and purified the environment.

The session’s command was then handed over to Dr Deepika Chamoli Shahi, who briefed about the functioning of the Speaking Cube and read out the message shared by Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi. Joshi praised Speaking Cube’s efforts in the direction of eradicating addiction and the habit of intoxicants.

Gurmeet Sharda invited Dr Anil Prakash Joshi, Padma Bhushan awardee, to address the assembly on the significance of positivity and peace in life.

Following this, the stage was handed over to Dr Prem Kumar Khosla, Chancellor of Shoolini University, who emphasised the importance of spirituality in Indian culture, which is a crucial part of establishing happy relationships.

Colonel Chetan Sharda (Retd), Advisor to Speaking Cube and Medical Specialist at Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad, discussed the importance of spirituality in professional life.

Next, the stage was given to Colonel Sunil Sinha (Retd), who emphasized the importance of living one’s life with dignity and courage. Dr Madhurima Pradhan, Founder of the Happiness Club at Lucknow University, took the discussion forward. Dr Madhurima discussed the impact of development and happiness after trauma.

The founder and director of the Academy of Mindful Psycholock in California, USA, Dr Neil Cobrin, participated in the session and spoke about successful relationships through stories of best fits.

Dr Manjusha Deshpande, Dean of Community, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, praised Speaking Cube for this positive initiative.

Deputy Dean Dr TM Mauloud of Venda University in South Africa discussed various treatment methods prevalent in South Africa for treating painful issues. Dr Shalini Singh Sharma, Senior Fellow Consultant in Head Banking Research, discussed childhood financial trauma.

Dr Rita Kumar, Advisor to Speaking Cube and Senior Professor at IIPS, Noida, stated that the addiction to intoxicants often accompanies trauma, and people should start spiritual practices from the beginning of life.

Dr Deepika Chamoli Shahi, Founder and Director of Speaking Cube Online Mental Health Consulting Foundation, expressed gratitude for the session.