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560 Drinks Made from Milk Products to Increase Immunity, New World Record


Graphic Era Combines Health with Flavour


DEHRADUN, 21 May: The desire of common people to increase immunity during the Covid period inspired Graphic Era to make new types of drinks from milk. Graphic Era Deemed University today created another world record by producing 560 such drinks that can be offered in place of all the harmful soft drinks. These 560 drinks were prepared in just one hour 15 minutes 45 seconds. This is the second world record for Hotel Management Department of Graphic Era within 16 days. Through this new initiative, an attempt has been made to convert the compulsion of people to drink different types of kadha in an attempt to increase immunity to fight Covid with nourishing drinks. Dr RC Pandey, Dean of Hotel Management, Graphic Era, said that the plan to prepare a healthy drink instead of soft drinks that harm the body was started in the same period. The students were given a project to make a new type of drink from milk and buttermilk during the time of Covid itself. Dozens of new drinks emerged in that project and after working on them, today 560 types of these milk product based drinks have been made. These drinks are being kept in the same hotel management premises with their details. Amar Dabral, Head of the Department of Hotel Management said that the team “Special-16” made up of three teachers and students of the department has set this record. Sattu Lassi, Herb Buttermilk, Paan Lassi, Chia Seed Shake, Turmeric Latte, Italian Herb Buttermilk, Avocado Shake, Rose Milk Shake, Peanut Shake, Mint Almond Shake, Mango and Green Chili Buttermilk, Pistachio Coffee Shake, Buransh & Mint Buttermilk, Kumaoni Masala were some of the top flavours .These 560 types of drinks including Buttermilk, Banana & Chia Seed Milk Shake, Tamarind Masala Buttermilk were seen adding new heights to the journey of taste by adding to the wellness scenario. Cow, buffalo and goat milk as well as soya milk and coconut milk were used to make these drinks. Head of Department Dabral said that after testing all kinds of drinks first, they were included in the world record. Special attention has been paid to the nutritional value of each drink. Natural products of Garhwal and Kumaon including Bhangjira, Murya, Jambu Badrayani, Pahari Yellow Masala, grandmother’s recipes and imported berries were also used in preparing the drinks. Teachers Dr Rakesh Dani, Siddharth Juyal, Mohsin Khan and 16 students Siddhant Semwal, Asim K. Magar, Amit Kotnala, Sudeep Gurung, Tarushi Goyal, Rudraksh Dhar, Kartikey Pandey, Ayush Panwar, Pankaj Kumar, Cheshta Sharma, Bimal Kunar, Aditi Sawan, Sabina Gurung, Akashdeep, Prerna Sharma and Dev Moolchandani were included. Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, President, Graphic Era Educational Group, while congratulating Team Special-16 for creating a new record within 16 days, said that the spirit of doing something new and the desire to succeed in it can make anyone shine among millions. Accepting new challenges and then working hard to overcome them is the only way to succeed. Hotel Management students have no match with anyone. These new world records reflect their energy and ability to innovate. On this occasion, University officials and Prof (Dr.) Yashpal Negi, Director of State Institute of Hotel Management, New Tehri, and Devendra Khatri, Principal, GIC Patel Nagar were also present. Before creating the world record, the Limca Book of Records had set a day for it. After recording the entire process, it is being sent along with all other documents to be recorded in the Limca Book.