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62nd Founder’s Day Celebrations at Welham Girls’ School



Dehradun, 19 Oct: Annual Sports Meet:Welham Girls’ School’s Founder’s Day Celebrations commenced with the Annual Sports Meet that included the March Past, Athletics Track Events, Karate and Aerobics Demonstrations. This culminated in the Prize Distribution by the Chief Guest at 12:00 noon. Many athletes who participated in the various events organized are medalists who have represented the Uttarakhand State and also played at the National level.
Abhilasha Bisht, IPS, Additional Director General of Police, Telangana State Special Police, Hyderabad presided at the occasion as Chief Guest. She commended the efforts made by the school in promoting sports and also encouraged the students and the concerned staff with her motivating speech. Bisht, an alumna of Welham Girls’ School, also participated in the Ex-Welhamites march past to mark the end of the day’s events.
Career Counselling: Dr. Amrita Dass, the Founder-Director of ICS-International (Institute for Career Studies, Lucknow), a leading educationist and Career Consultant of India, and her team of counselors held counseling sessions on ‘Subject Choices and Careers’ for parents of classes VIII and X. Apart from a collective session, individual counseling sessions were also organized for the interested parents and students.
A Dramatic Experience: “Kaavyeshu naatakam ramyam tatra ramya shankutalaa.” ‘Of all poetry, drama is the most delightful, of all drama Shakuntala.’
The musical adaptation of one of the most famous works of Mahakavi Kalidas, ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’ or ‘The Recognition of Shakuntala’ was the highlight of the day’s programme. The Drama production clearly illustrated the significance of the intangible values one imbibes as a result of one’s upbringing and demonstrated how women are powerful enough to lead complete lives without the support of men. Shakuntala, the strong daughter of Maneka and Rishi Kanva, successfully nurtured her son Bharat into such an exceptionally confident, courageous, valiant and intelligent individual that our country was named after him. Shakuntala remains immortal as a role model who inspires us to face the adversities of life to emerge as a better version of ourselves and teaches us that moving on is the way to life. The production was a huge success owing to the brilliant special effects, beautiful dances and excellent performance of the young actors. The presentation engaged the audience completely as they became totally involved in the fluctuating fortunes of various characters through the course of the drama. The attractive costumes and impressive setting added to the appeal of the show.
Gala Dinner for Ex-Students: The Principal hosted a dinner for the ex-students and staff the same night. The ex-students who attended the Celebrations included girls from the Class of 1969 (Golden Jubilee Class) and from the Class of 1994 (Silver Jubilee Class) among many other students spanning the decades from 1969 to 2019.