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87 yr old operated on for cancer at SMIH


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 23 Apr: Age should not be a barrier to getting the right treatment for cancer. This message has been reinforced by the recent successful breast cancer surgery performed on an 87-year-old lady at the Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital.

According to Dr Pankaj Garg, the senior cancer specialist at the hospital, age alone should not be a contraindication for cancer treatment. As people age, they tend to develop other health issues, which may complicate cancer treatment. However, with careful evaluation and personalised treatment plans, older patients can tolerate cancer treatments and achieve good outcomes.

The 87-year-old lady, who had bilateral breast cancer, underwent the successful removal of both breasts with the help of Dr Pankaj Garg and his team. Despite her age, she was determined to fight the disease and underwent surgery without any complications. Her positive attitude and willingness to undergo treatment serve as an inspiration to all.

Dr Pankaj Garg emphasised that a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s health status, including any comorbidities, should be done before deciding on the most appropriate treatment. Additionally, personalised care, such as the involvement of a geriatrician, can help improve treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Cancer does not discriminate based on age, and it should not be a barrier to getting the right treatment. With the right approach and care, older patients can tolerate and benefit from cancer treatment. This should serve as a motivation for more research into geriatric oncology and improving access to cancer care for older adults.