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A Momentous Milepost



Garhwal Post is entering today in its 28th year of publication. In the past 27 years it has endeavored to be a noteworthy link between news, achievements, landmarks, phenomena, feats, turning points and the readers.

Above all it has attempted to offer a serious connect between governmental initiatives and the general public.

The focus has been on doing our bit in helping our citizenry become informed citizens and add to their kitty of collective knowledge.

Providing local news, helping cover wrong doings, and at times standing in as a public conscience does make Garhwal Post a public podium of sorts.

We are there as a vigilant presence for the community and that’s a role we take on seriously. And above all we offer a platform to better understand ourselves, our immediate surroundings and our communities and people, and that’s great value we hope and command!

We were never lacking in effort on our side, but what made matters challenging for us was the fast increasing dominance of internet, mobile phones, news channels and the like. TV news offers convenience and visual impact but undeterred we carried on in the belief that it is the newspapers that provide in-depthanalysis, which is crucial for developmental processes and policy framework, etc.

Our list of contributing writers is our pride, apart from syndicated columnists. And that is an indication of the quality and commitment that the paper holds to stay afloat in times of media blitzkrieg.

Our valued readers show tremendous loyalty towards our contributors as they have identified them as our true assets. They represent in a way the stance of the readers’ themselves and attempt to give a true perspective even when writing on controversial topics. We are glad that often times the empathy with the columnists has transferred immense amount of loyalty to the newspaper. Garhwal Post has attracted some of the most illustrious figures of the state to contribute.

The paper holds dear the first citizen of the state His Excellency the Governor, Lt-General Gurmit Singh (Retd), who has time and again shared how he picks up Garhwal Post first thing in the morning. He has involved himself in, guided, criticized, praised, our daily efforts and together we have been part of the thought process of connecting humanity.

We would like to particularly mention Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s contribution to our confidence. His proactive approach to work has energized our efforts to hold news in greater relevance, particular those related to our people in the hills. We have attempted to provide the right context to all political strategies whether in the historical, economical, religious or social perspective. Our editorials have been repeatedly critical about the political landscape and thrown up few challenges as well. These have all been well taken.

One of our toughest rites of passage is writing about the loss of dear ones. In the bygone year we lost two super talented writers, Raj Kanwar and Pradeep Puran Singh. Their death was a grave loss to our inner circle, the world of letters in general and Doon in particular. It was not easy to say goodbye to them.

No one who met the two forgot their infectious passion for writing. Nonagenarian Kanwar believed that it is important to stay active and relevant despite age restrictions and remained a prolific writer till the end. Singh’s love for history and capturing Doon’s significant milestones is well known. His curiosity and dedication in mastering the skills of historical writing had just begun to bloom, but destiny had another story written for him.

They are in our thoughts and prayers and will be gravely missed!