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A Relationship With Nature Root Of All Happiness: Ruskin Bond

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 11 Mar: India’s most loved author, Ruskin Bond, said today that deep love for animals and nature is essential to being happy and suggested that children must connect with small pets like a dog or a cat or even a squirrel, like he once had. He was speaking after releasing the book ‘What Makes Us Happy?’ by well known French writers Marie-Agnes Gaudrat & Carme Sole Vendrell, in his cottage in Landour Mussoorie. He strongly recommended the book to parents, who often find themselves struggling with their children with post covid issues.
The book offers suggestions to make them happy and understand the world around them. He further added that there was a need to practice a sense of joy and happiness in families and it was becoming increasingly essential for parents to indulge their children in a regular practice of gratitude among other activities. Bond also pressed on the fact that in order to build a healthy society, we must lead our young correctly. If not, they will lead themselves on to the incorrect and untrue track making them materialistic, selfish and competitive.
The book is joyful, practical and poetic that will help adults and children talk and reflect on what makes us truly happy. It is a must read for those who feel that their personal gross happiness index needs a refill.
Aditi Arora, well known psychotherapist and Emotional Health Adviser with Pathways World School, Gurugram and members of Bond’s adopted family, Rakesh and Beena were present on the occasion.