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A Saga of Music With Love


Review                                                     BANDISH BANDITS

By Sundesh Sharma

Indian Web is today flooded with movies and series of all sorts… Watching any one series is likely to
keep you glued to your devices in many cases. I happened to watch some of them during these past
few months. But I must say, Bandish Bandits is a complete blast. As a musical love story, it’s a sweet
romance of each and every character passionately in love with music. Everyone appears to be just
living music in his/her soul.The makers of this one truly deserve a standing ovation and a Salute too.

Anand Tiwari as the director must be a real happy person with the outcome.
I am sure if you love classical music and it runs into your veins and arteries….then one must
definitely go for it… Do watch this one guys if u haven’t yet. This one is just not to be missed at all.

The music not only flows throughout but it just bangs on your vocal chords too. Shankar Ehsaaan Loy as a trio teams up yet again along with their music and sound departments, to give some real pearls  of classical music. The ears just don’t seem to be tired and appear to be completely lost in sur and taals.

The entire 10-episode series is based on two young budding musicians with the lead character Ritwik
Bhowmik playing the role of Radhey Rathore whose life just revolves around his complete devotion towards his guru Panditji, the great Sangeet Samraat of Rathore Gharana from Jodhpur, a role very  well essayed by none other than the great Naseeruddin Shah, who incidentally happens to be Radhey’s grandfather too. Radhey practises Shastriya Sangeeth as a sole aim to be the successor to Panditji. Though a man of strict principles, Panditji himself also sees Radhey as his final
and long searched heir of Rathore Gharana. Between the various and rigorous disciplined struggles of Radhey and his strong will power, enters the famous Pop singer Tamanna Sharma, sweetly essayed by Shreya Chaudhary who has her own famous current day modern styles of pop singing. She has a further bigger dream of performing international and sees her dream coming true through Radhey. As Radhey falls in love with Tamanna the real struggle starts for a real artist to prove his talents and devotion.It is not a fairy tale of two young guys falling in just plain love but its a treat to see each and every character having the kind of passion and love that they have for their music.

Radhey brilliantly juggles between his classical and modern chords and tries to match the levels of his Guru Panditji, the great Sangeet Samrat and at the same time tries to match his singing with modern styles of Tamanna. He becomes such a real darling to be watched and heard that you feel like falling in love with him again and again.

Though playing quite a small part in the series, Atul Kulkarni, taking an entry in the last few episodes
as Digvijay, the eldest son of Panditji from his first wife, just leaves you amazed and asking for more. Radhey has to face a real tough fight with Digvijay who is also eyeing the title of Sangeet Samraat and dreams of taking his own Bikaneri Gharana to the masses. Atul Kulkarni has always been a treat to the eyes with his eyes playing with you whenever you see him.

What a treat Guys…. And to top it, all the other actors too,have done a brilliant job. Kunal Roy Chaudhary as Araghya must have been a riot on the sets with the most playful and hilarious lines that he got.He just appears to be stealing the show many a times, but its finally Radhey who is set to attain the victory. Rahul Kumar as Kabir, Radhey’s best buddy, Rajesh Tailang and Sheena Chaddha as Radhey’s Parents, Amit Mistry as Radhey’s Uncle, and Meghna Mallik along with Rituraj as Tamanna’s parents also deserve a clap for their full support to the leading actors.

Talking of songs, all are so mesmerizing that they are just beyond any words. Even a small bandish sung by Sandhay, played by Tridha Chaudhary is so heart touching that you actually feel like losing yourself completely. Virah sung by Shankar Mahadevan and finally Garaj Garaj jugalbandi as the climax song sung by Farid Hasan and Mohammad Aman are just so divine that they leave you spellbound.

At a time when web is so much flooded with all kinds of crime thrillers, and hard hitting plot lines, this series emerges as a sweet fresh breath of musical air.
Well nothing to say but full marks to this one and the entire team.