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Aarushi Nishank says ‘Tarini’ is about Indian Navy’s all-woman sailing expedition


Mumbai, 4 Mar (IANS): Actress, producer, and dancer, Aarushi Nishank, who rose to fame from her music videos ‘Wafa Na Raas Aayee’ opposite Himansh Kohli and ‘Teri Galiyon Se’ opposite Gurmeet Chaudhary, will soon be seen in the upcoming film ‘Tarini’.
The film is about the crew of an Indian Navy sailing vessel and their 254-day expedition.
Aarushi said: “The all-women crew of the Indian Navy’s sailing vessel Tarini did not just charter a new course into history, but also conquered their own fears and learned to rise above petty issues to steer towards a common goal as a well-oiled team. The six members of Navika Sagar Parikrama, during their 254-day expedition, covered 22,000 nautical miles, facing rough seas, scorching sun, and biting cold and freezing winds with an unrelenting spirit.”
She added: “Talking about my role is yet to be a matter of discussion but I am working hard on my look as it demands being fit and athletic, so nowadays I spend most of my time in yoga sessions and in the Gym.”
Aarushi is also producing the film.
Talking about what got her on board, she said: “I am a big supporter of Women’s Empowerment, ‘Tarini’ is all about the strength and determination of 6 Naval officers and this historic expedition starts the craving in me to push myself more to present this subject in front of my audience. From the initial permission from the Defence ministry to working on the story with Prasoon Joshi Ji and the team, I am an integral part of every single inch and bit of this film.”
The film will be shot in multiple locations.
“As a producer, I have to see most of the content coming out. I try to watch as many films of different genres, Hollywood, Bollywood, even Tollywood,” Aarushi said.