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Abhyudaya Vatsalyam organises environmental awareness programme at Him Jyoti School


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 22 Mar: A programme was organised by “Abhyudaya Vatsalyam” at Him Jyoti School, here, today, with the aim of spreading awareness in the field of forest environment and planting of more trees.

Chief Guest Dr Chandi Prasad Ghildiyal, Special Guest Vikrant Bhandari, Principal Roma Malhotra, Harpreet Singh, Dr Harbhajan Singh, Dr Shailendra David, Manjit Singh, Programme Organiser Dr SN Mishra, also known as Tree Baba,  and Gargi Mishra, Chairperson of Abhyudaya Vatsalayam Sanstha, were present on this occasion.

Dr Gargi Mishra welcomed the chief guest, distinguished guests, school principal, teachers, support staff and the students, congratulating them for participating enthusiastically in the programme. She also wished a great future ahead for the students.

On this occasion, five oaths were also administered to the students. They promised they would always contribute their best to making the state a leading state; they would always contribute towards cleanliness, water conservation, environment protection; that they would neither consume any intoxicant, nor let anyone around them do so; they would follow the traffic rules and be ready to help others and finally that they would sincerely respect their parents, teachers, their country, and Mother Earth through their actions and achievements.

It may be recalled that a medicinal garden has also been planted at Him Jyoti School, Sahasradhara Road, in which several plants helpful in treatment of cancer, diabetes and complex diseases have been planted, the main ones being Sita Ashok, Gud Mar, Insulin Plant (Ignus Costus), Harsingar, Krishna fruit, Gulab Jamun, Drumstick, neem, jackfruit and rose.  Gargi Mishra shared with the children the importance of useful medicines and plants for diseases of women and girls.

Dr SN Mishra made the children aware in detail about the properties and importance of all medicinal plants planted there.