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Adversity brings out the best in humans


This time will be remembered – 2

– Be sure to engender your finest


We take time to adjust to a new routine, new surroundings, new status and to many more changes but we eventually abide. The rigidity in us is exuberantly
displayed in all spheres. It challenges every modification even if it is meant to work in our favour. However, being in the lockdown state for four days now, people are looking settled in the new lifestyle. Realisation has set in that to be safe is to be indoors; to
be indoors, one has to be congenial; and to become congenial we need to be in complete consonance with
each other’s wishes and needs.

I was glad to learn from my friends that most are happily involved in household chores and are readily helping each other in tedious domestic errands.
The involvement will truly act as a de-stressing agent
otherwise the gyaan distributed on WhatsApp and
other social platforms – some fake, others genuine –
has been responsible to a great extent to make us all
fearful. The scary forwards regarding the uncontrollable
spread of the virus are unnerving. On the flip side,
internet and technology has helped us stay connected
during these trying times. Not all forwards are mean; some are memes! Yet others are genuinely thought-provoking and provide deep insight in terms of knowledge and spirituality. The admirable passion displayed by some in vehemently enriching us by
forwarding home remedies and healthy lifestyle tips on
a regular basis is praiseworthy. The easy-to-do
tips towards healthy life intend no harm, although
self-discretion to sieve out thewrong and follow the right should be the guiding tool. This is the time to revert to old robust lifestyle. The proven age-old recipes to fight flu, cold and viral are soon to find place in our life pattern. We are on the path to change. Discussion with many friends made me reach a conclusion that in coming future life’s priorities will change. This reflux action of adopting Ayurveda, growing veggies at home, indulging in herbal gardening and finding health solutions in our kitchen will be the new ‘in thing’. And, not worrying much about materialistic possessions, affording minimal importance to money, status and the ever- so-colossal ego will be the new outlook.

We are distanced yet connected
It is not easy to stay away from the madding crowd. This human, habitual of creating peak hours on roads, is now busy on network. The WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms all are jam-packed with posts. We are observing social distancing. We are disconnected physically but virtual connection is growing strong. In this time this tool is proving beneficial. Within seconds we can know how we
all are feeling in the respective constrained spaces.

When I checked with my friends, I was delighted to learn that under forceful house arrest, house members are behaving responsibly. The fear of this virus has shaken
them, they are on the road to transformation. The house
jobs have been divided and each one has embraced the
new-found duties with grace. This harmony is not
displayed in all houses and by all house members. Some are slow learners. In few houses, chaos exists. As
noisy vessels, they are agitated or maybe fall below
the expectation of other members while performing
their duties. But this time provides a golden opportunity
to train oneself, to hone household skills and learn
what we lacked in ourselves.

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t question it,
just trust it
This golden opportunity of 21 days may be extended.
Let’s be prepared. Let’s enjoy these long vacations. It’s all in the mind whether to curse this phase or benefit
ourselves. The sky had never been so blue! The air had
never been so fresh! The sound of birds, small insects,
cricket and others had been smothered by other overwhelming sounds till now. Enjoy their toots and
presence. Sit in your balcony, in the garden or near a
window. Enjoy the ‘me’ moment. Attend to one’s own heartbeat, it had been thumping in stress for years
but now let it throb in calmness. Learn a new recipe. Practice humming a song. Clean the house. Watch your favourite movie. Indulge in gardening. Exercise. Meditate. Practice deep breathing. Chant mantras when not involved in some active mental work, like while washing, cleaning, bathing, walking. All these will calm the mind. Keep track of your loved one’s physical and mental health. There is so much to do even in idleness. Although, doing nothing is also healthy at times! After all, the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Adversity is the fuel for greatness. Take it in your stride. Do whatever you want to do. Just enjoy doing it!
Once you emerge from this chrysalis of jumpy tohubohu, be sure to be a better version of yourself – more humane, more tolerant, more embracing of a minimalistic lifestyle, a caring, compassionate,
understanding person – essentially, look forward to turning over a new leaf to a ‘new me’.