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Agape Society celebrates World Forestry Day


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 21 Mar: World Forestry Day was celebrated today by Agape Society in the premises of RTO, Rishkesh.
The programme was conducted by the Director of Agape, Vikrant Bhandari. It was presided over by Arvind Pandey, RTO, Rishikesh.
People present at the programme expressed their views on the importance of forests in people’s lives.
Dr SN Mishra (Ped Baba) spoke about the importance of trees and expressed concern that a time would come when people would have to carry oxygen cylinders on their backs if serious steps are not taken to protect and preserve the forests. The message was clear that more trees need to be planted.
RTO Arvind Pandey emphasised on the mission to save and plant trees.
Director of Agape Society Vikrant Bhandari also highlighted the importance of trees in his message. He made everyone aware about the fast degradation of forests and described the situation as alarming. He appealed to everyone to wake up before it is too late.
All the participants planted trees and pledged to save forests and to carry on this campaign further.
Over 50 students were conferred the title of Green Guardians and given certificates of participation.