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Agenda Exposed


As expected, the hijacking of the Shaheen Bagh type protests against the CAA by the radical Left and Islamists has become exposed to the public eye, largely due to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones. Those at the core of organising the protests have been captured articulating their principles and objectives, which are absolutely opposite to the declared intent of ‘defending’ the Constitution. Far from being concerned about Muslims’ status in the Republic, it has an outright divisive nature. Were it not a serious matter of the kind that triggers chronic law and order problems, sometimes lasting decades, the protest leaders’ flights of imagination would be considered comic. That these ideas are emerging from the supposedly brilliant alumni of ‘leading’ universities such as JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University, etc., exposes the ugly underbelly of such institutions. It would be a good idea, also, that these persons, when arrested for their treasonable activities, are made to undergo psychological examinations, as they are probably suffering from serious mental disorders.

The anti-CAA protests are, of course, directed at the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although based on the general mistrust within the Muslim community, these should have been mainstreamed by the political parties, particularly the Congress. Unfortunately, the opposition has been unwilling to properly articulate the concerns and has, actually, waited for the protests to take a violent turn. Desperate protestors have realised this truth and have taken recourse to extreme positions and rhetoric to bolster their courage and resolve. Having sparked violence, the radical left will disappear, leaving behind just members of the community. In the effort to obtain easy returns from the agitation, while at the same time fearing to ‘alienate’ the majority community, the opposition parties have refused to play their constitutionally designated role.

Thankfully, the Union Government has been smart enough not to fall into the trap. Despite all the provocation and invitations (by the likes of Arvind Kejriwal) offered, Home Minister Amit Shah has bided his time. Since the problem with the CAA is supposedly out of concern for the Muslims, it is for them to decide if they wish to be represented by those who are committed to a violent confrontation that would have women and children forming the front line. They are being given enough time to do so. They should ensure that the personal agendas of a few, particularly those who have rushed to their side as supposed ‘well-wishers’, do not harm the interests of the larger community. Above all, they should be able to see through all the propaganda, even if it comes in Oxbridge accents.