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AI very useful tool for Healthcare but one needs to exercise caution

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 5 May: On the second and the concluding day of the G20 Youth Consultation Summit held at AIIMS Rishikesh, an interesting panel discussion was held on Digital Health and Future of Health Care. The chairpersons of the session were Dr Ashok Kumar Puri and Prof Dr Surekha Kishore, Executive Director of AIIMS Gorakhpur while Software and AI expert Vyom Maitreya and eminent Gastro Surgeon Prof Dr Puneet Dhar who had been instrumental in establishment of Gastro Surgery unit at AIIMS Rishikesh and now is senior surgery consultant in Faridabad were the moderators. The panellists were Dr Subodh Kanda Mutham, Dr Avinash Khare, Dr Vivek Podder (Bangladesh), Dr Pranab Chatterjee, Dr V Dinesh Dutta and Executive Director at AIIMS Rishikesh, Prof Dr Meenu Singh.
Panellists were of opinion that increasing use of digital technology in health sector was inevitable and had many uses. Many apps have been developed to help improve reach of the health sectors to even rural areas and even in telemedicine. Dr Meenu Singh recalled the experience of delivering medicines to remote areas by AIIMS Rishikesh using drones. Use of smartphones and apps for smartphones in the health sector was also discussed in detail by the panellists. It was felt that greater use of digital technology in the health sector will result in bringing down the per patient cost of healthcare. Digital health tools are a cost effective way of sharing and disseminating information and also teaching the medical students the skills in much lesser time than the traditional way by using technologies such as simulation and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR).
Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical sector was also discussed at length. It was felt that while use of AI tools and apps like Chat GPT was useful in medical field, some were misusing the Chat GPT for even writing thesis and research papers, which was wrong. The panellists further felt that use of AI tools was still in developing state. There is a need to exercise caution and own wisdom in use of these technologies.
Summing up the debate, Dr Ashok Kumar Puri, a financial and management expert and also on the governing body of AIIMS Rishikesh noted that the discussion was interesting and felt there is huge potential of use of digital technology in health sector but there was a need to exercise caution. He however also insisted that in addition to use of digital technologies for treatment of illnesses and diagnostic purposes, it will also be useful to explore using the digital technology and AI for prevention of diseases. He also insisted on paying due importance to also mental wellbeing in addition to physical wellbeing.
Dr Surekha Kishore, Executive Director AIIMS Gorakhpur, summing up the discussion, felt that use of digital technology in healthcare sector has grown by leaps and bounds and there are many uses of digital technology in primary as well as secondary healthcare. However, one must not let technology become the masters of human beings. The humans should remain the masters.
The valedictory session involved summing up of all the events held in the two day G-20 Y20 Summit and some cultural programmes like multicultural dances, by a group of young boys and girls and a flute performance also by young musicians in classical Hindustani Ragas such as Marwa and more cultural events to conclude the two day event.