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AIIMS Rishikesh advises careful mask, sanitiser use


By Our Staff Reporter 

Rishikesh, 21 Aug: To avoid Corona infection, use a mask or sanitiser a little more carefully, advise the experts of AIIMS Rishikesh. Excessive use of them can have harmful effects on the skin, such as eczema. Doctors of the Dermatology Department of AIIMS Rishikesh have advised special precautions while using them.
One of the most effective ways to protect oneself from infection during the Covid-19 pandemic is to constantly wash hands and use face masks. It has been recommended to wash hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and water. In addition, alcohol-based sanitisers are also being used. But it is advisable to use them only to a certain extent, because using them more often has harmful effects on the skin.
Continuous hand washing with sanitiser and detergent causes skin dryness and symptoms of redness, scaling, and itching are also present when the problem increases. This disease is also called eczema or inflammation of the skin. Apart from this, many other skin related diseases are encouraged due to frequent hand washing, excessive use of gloves and wearing masks for a long time.
Director and CEO Prof Ravikant adivses that, if such symptoms are seen, then AIIMS Rishikesh may be consulted. All types of systems for testing of skin diseases are available. Apart from this, there is also better technology for patients with skin disease for a long time to find out the cause of allergy.
Dr Riti Bhatia, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology, says that wearing a mask for a long time causes sweating in the face and pimples. Apart from this, the problem of stress and facial friction is also seen in people wearing masks for a long time. There may also be cases of redness with itching, pain on the nose or behind the ears. Gloves make a hard covering on the skin of hands which increases the risk of fungal infections like tinea rings. In these conditions, she has advised that using moisturiser, common cold cream or coconut oil is beneficial in the above symptoms related to the skin. The use of cream or oil every time before washing hands and wearing gloves can reduce the side effects of this problem. Also, using Vaseline or coconut oil at night or after returning from work is very helpful in curing skin damage.
Associate Professor Dr Neirita Hazarika, Head of Department, advised not to wear gloves when hands are wet. By doing this, the gloves stick and cause skin irritation. The harmful effects of soaps and detergents can be reduced by the use of alcohol-based sanitiser such as glycerin and oil. Those allergic to masks or gloves, would find it beneficial to use medicinal creams or use the medicine suggested by skin specialists based on the results of the allergy test. Apart from this, consultation with a dermatologist immediately if such symptoms are seen is advised.