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AIIMS Rishikesh advises precautions for asthmatics


Rishikesh, 9 Nov: AIIMS Rishikesh has issued a warning that patients of asthma need to be very careful and take special precautions during the winter season. Excess cold and fog can prove fatal for asthma patients.
According to experts, due to increasing cold and fog, humidity in the atmosphere increases. In such a situation, this season is a problem for respiratory and asthmatic patients.
Professor Ravikant, Director of AIIMS Rishikesh, has said that in view of the corona crisis asthma patients should not forget to wear masks. Wearing a mask will not only protect against the corona virus, but also prevent direct inhalation of cold air. When cold air is breathed in, the airways begin to swell. This condition is dangerous for asthma patients. He said that AIIMS Rishikesh has all the modern facilities for better treatment for asthma patients. This treatment is included in the Ayushman Bharat Scheme.
Professor Girish Sindhwani, HOD, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, said that asthma can happen to any person and at any age. The disease does not spread through infection, but is an allergic disease.
Professor Sindhwani added that patients should start treatment as soon as the initial symptoms of asthma appear. Due to not being treated in time, the patient starts to develop problems in breathing and suffocation could lead to an asthma attack. He advised that asthma patients take their medicines regularly. He said that asthma patients should use the inhaler regularly.
The major symptoms of asthma are cough, cold, sneezing, shortness of breath and whistling sound while breathing.
Factors that increase asthma are cold, fog, mist, dust, pollution, infection, paint odor and pollination. Apart from this, the hair of pet dogs and cats living inside closed houses also increases the problems of asthma patients.
Asthma can be prevented by not consuming fridge water and cold and stale food. Wear warm clothes, sit in the sun instead of sitting inside the rooms – include it in the daily routine. Vitamin D is abundant in the sun. It increases the immunity of the body by acting like a general booster. Apart from this, take medicine regularly as per the consultation of the doctors.