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AIIMS Rishikesh advisory for recovered Covid patients


By Our Staff Reporter

Rishikesh, 4 May: It is very important for patients recovering from Covid infection to follow certain rules even after being discharged. These include taking lukewarm water and exercising daily. AIIMS Rishikesh has issued an advisory on this.
People continue to suffer from a variety of symptoms even after treatment. Such symptoms may be the feeling of tiredness, body ache, cough and difficulty in breathing. According to Professor Ravikant, Director, AIIMS, the overall care of patients recovering from Covid-19 after discharge is very important. The corona virus affects the body and mental health. Professor Ravikant said that patients who have been severely infected or have been suffering from some other disease in the past may take longer to recover fully. In such a situation, they should seriously follow the guidelines and stay safe from this epidemic even at home.
Professor Vartika Saxena, HOD, CFF Department, stated that such people need to pay attention to physical as well as their mental health. Physical debility leads to stress and, both, fear and depression affect health. Even after getting healthy, one should keep on drinking lukewarm water.
She advised the following steps:
1- Keep following the precautions. Don’t forget to wear a mask, maintain physical distance, ensure cleanliness of hands and mouth.
2- Take immunity enhancing medicine and fruits like lemon, orange, kiwi and papaya. Keep taking medicines like vitamin C, vitamin B, and zinc, etc., under medical advice.
3- Make a habit of exercising for a minimum of 30-45 minutes daily. Do yoga and pranayama.
4- Stay in touch with the doctor and get health tested while at home. Medical advice can also be obtained from the telemedicine numbers issued by AIIMS.
5- Take balanced, digestible and fresh food.
6- Get enough sleep for about 2 hours in the day and minimum 7-8 hours at night. Lie in prone position.
7- If there is a complaint of cough and sore throat, gargle with warm water with salt and take steam.
8- Talk to friends and relatives on feeling mentally unwell.
9- Listen to music.
10- In case of any increase in temperature, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, chest pain or physical weakness, consult a doctor immediately. Do not exercise in these conditions.
11- Diabetes patients should control sugar levels in the body. Check blood sugar regularly.
Telemedicine numbers of AIIMS – General Medicine- 7217014335; Pulmonary Medicine- 7302893024;
Integrated Breast Care Centre – 8791335452; Burns and Plastic Surgery – 8791237706; Radiotherapy -7417970228; Medical Oncology – 8865989205; Clinical Hematology – 8865989235; Urology – 8126542780; Psychiatry – 9084976174;
Gynecology- 7060005851; Dentistry- 9619181125.