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Alimentary canal blockage removed without operation at Graphic Era Hospital


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 28 Apr: Graphic Era hospital has created history by changing the pacemaker of a little child in a complicated case. Along with this, doctors in the hospital have successfully removed alimentary canal blockages of 15 patients using the latest non-invasive Poem technique, which does not require the patient to be operated on.

During an informal talk with reporters, today, the specialist doctors of Graphic Era Hospital spoke about these achievements. These are the first such medical achievements in Uttarakhand. Cardiologist in Graphic Era Hospital, Dr Raj Pratap Singh said that hybrid technique was used for the first time in Uttarakhand to replace the pacemaker in the heart of a four-year-old child from Dehradun. The pacemaker has been implanted in the third location in the child’s heart by making a tunnel. No changes will now be needed as the child’s body grows over time.

Dr Raj added that the child was operated on for a heart ailment, earlier, and a pacemaker was implanted in his heart when he was around one-year-old. The pacemaker, however, had to be changed later because of an infection. Because of the child’s growth, the wires that hold the pacemaker had stretched fully and had to be replaced to save his life. The new pacemaker was implanted in the child’s heart by specialist surgeons at Graphic Era Hospital by creating a tunnel from under his shoulder to the stomach. Hybrid technology was used for this. Care was taken to ensure that the pacemaker would not be affected boy’s body growth with age.

Specialists Dr Akhilesh Pandey, Dr Raj Pratap Singh and Dr SP Gautam were part of the team that carried out this complicated operation. The child has been discharged from the hospital.

Apart from this, specialist in Gastroenterology, Dr Sachin Manjal has successfully treated 15 patients suffering from blockage in alimentary canal without any operation. The latest Poem technique used for this is new in Uttarakhand.

Renowned pulmonologist Dr Puneet Tyagi said that Graphic Era hospital has state-of-the art facilities and operation theatres equipped with the world’s latest technologies, advanced cath lab, advanced coronary care unit and 128 slice CT scan machine. Cardiac angiography can be performed in the operation theatre equipped with latest facilities. Dr Tyagi added that the hospital has facilities like cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology and plastic surgery. A Neonatal intensive care unit has also been set up in Graphic Era Hospital. Ayushman card holders get due benefits in the hospital.

Office-bearer of Graphic Era Educational Society, Dr Satish Ghanshala, Brigadier Ashwani Kapoor, Director, Infrastructure, Dr Subhash Gupta and other experts were present at the briefing.