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Anand Kumar of ‘Super 30’ shares success mantras at UPES



Dehradun, 5 Apr: ‘Super 30’ fame and Padma Shri awardee Anand Kumar encouraged the city’s youth and answered their career and life-related queries at the UPES, here, today. As a distinguished mathematician and educator, he not only inspired the youth but also provided invaluable guidance on navigating engineering career paths and addressing life’s challenges.

The event, hosted by UPES, offered a unique opportunity for young aspiring engineers to interact directly with Anand Kumar. Through exclusive sessions and engaging discussions, he illuminated the roadmap ahead, empowering them with the knowledge and motivation needed to excel in the field of engineering.

During the event, students also interacted with young entrepreneurs like Kuldeep Parashar, a distinguished alumnus of UPES, who founded PensionBox in 2021. PensionBox is India’s pioneering digital pension platform, committed to tailoring pension plans to individuals’ unique needs and preferences, regardless of their retirement age, location, or profession. Kuldeep, a BTech in Applied Petroleum Engineering, also acknowledged the crucial role played by Runway; an incubation programme established by UPES. With over 200 startups incubated, UCIE has proven to be a vital force in fostering innovative solutions across various industries. His entrepreneurial journey serves as a testament to the innovative spirit fostered at UPES.

Another accomplished UPES alumnus, Siddhivinayak Dubey also shared his remarkable transformation from being a JEE aspirant to becoming a successful Software Engineer at Microsoft. Vinayak’s journey inspired the future engineers to pursue their dreams relentlessly. These interactions provided students with invaluable insights into the realms of entrepreneurship and professional development, nurturing a culture of innovation and ambition within the academic community.

Anand Kumar also highlighted various career paths available to young aspiring engineers, emphasising that success is not solely determined by JEE scores. He encouraged them to explore alternative avenues and forge their own paths towards building fulfilling lives and successful careers. By showcasing examples of individuals who have achieved remarkable feats, Kumar inspired engineering aspirants to embrace their passions and pursue their aspirations with determination and resilience.