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“Andha Yug” staged by Eklavya theatre group



DEHRADUN, 12 May: The famous drama work of Indian literature “Andha Yug” was staged by the city ‘s prominent theater organization “Eklavya” on Sunday in the auditorium of the department of culture.

The script of the play is by Dr Dharamveer Bharti, the direction by Governor Award winner Akhilesh Narayan. The plot of the play poignantly depicts the events after the war on the 18th day of the Mahabharata. It is based on the Mahabharata, which is considered to be the longest Indian epic ever written. The play paints a fitting picture of our present times. The central theme of the play shows how we easily blame God in our bad times. The play explains that the future is determined by our present actions and is not predetermined. And, the main theme of this play is how violence and war can only produce mass massacres without any victors! The plot of the play is about those blind people who remained blind due to their son ‘s infatuation even after knowing the consequences, knowing that nothing but destruction will be achieved by this war. The director has tried to connect it to the current perspective, like the conflict between two tribes in 2023 in Manipur, or the youth who are turning to smoking, depression.

Satish Sharma, Editor of Garhwal Post and actor, inaugurated the programme by lighting the ceremonial lamp.

The play stars Jagriti Kothari, Brijesh Narayan, Jai Singh Rawat, Akshat Maindoli, Ritik Simalti, Nitin, Himanshu, Hemlata, Manish, Sameer Qureshi, Vaibhav and others. Music was composed by Shivam Thapliyal, other guests included Sumit Garg, Natya Bhushan Laxmi Narayan, Mahesh Narayan, etc.

The performance by each artist was flawless. Director Akhilesh Narain was brilliant as Ashwathama. Full marks to the team for the coordination.