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‘Andha Yug’ – Timeless Epic reimagined for Today’s World



By Anshul Agrawal

During my visit to Dehradun, I had the pleasure of attending a compelling performance of Dharamvir Bharati’s ‘Andha Yug’, directed by Akhilesh Narain of Eklavvya Theatre. This production showcased flawless acting and innovative direction, making the ancient story strikingly relevant to a modern audience.
Akhilesh Narain skillfully incorporated contemporary issues such as smoking, drug abuse, female child abortion, and the ongoing violence in Manipur into the narrative. These thematic additions not only enriched the original storyline but also ensured the play resonated deeply with today’s societal concerns, underscoring its universal relevance.
The character of Ashwatthama was portrayed with remarkable depth, using his journey to mirror the negative elements pervasive in our world today. This parallel effectively drew attention to the moral complexities we face, provoking thought and inviting viewers to ponder the nuances in every decision.
What stood out was how the play challenged the audience to rethink simplistic views of morality and appreciate the complex spectrum of human behaviour. Under Akhilesh Narain’s direction, this production of ‘Andha Yug’ was not just a theatrical performance but a powerful social commentary, urging us to reflect on how historical lessons can illuminate our present challenges and guide our future actions.
In summary, this adaptation of ‘Andha Yug’ was a masterclass in how classical stories can be transformed to reflect contemporary issues, engaging audiences in meaningful reflection. The perfect acting and thoughtful direction made this a must-watch, encapsulating the essence of the original while making it profoundly relevant for today’s viewer.